What products are grown in Michigan?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Eggs and milk are the leading livestock products in the state, followed by beef cattle. Other livestock products include chickens, hogs, sheep and turkeys. About half of Maine's agricultural income comes from crops and potatoes are the biggest crop. Other crops are corn, hay, oats and other grains to feed cattle. Greenhouse and nursery products, broccoli, dry beans, peas and other vegetables are also grown. Apples are Maine's most valuable fruit crops, but Maine is also a leading producer of wild blueberries. Other fruit crops are cranberries, raspberries and strawberries.

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Q: What products are grown in Michigan?
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How do cherries represent Michigan?

Approximately 80% of the cherries grown in the United States are grown in Michigan.

What products are grown in California?

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Why aren't bananas grown in Michigan?

Bananas are fruit grown in very warm climates and Michigan is too cold in the winter for the trees to survive.

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Organic products are grown without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

What are Michigan's products?


What products are grown in Nevada?

There are several products that are grown in Nevada. A few of the crops grown there are arugula, cabbage, basil, carrots, artichokes, and leeks.

What are the major manufactured products in Michigan?

There are several different products that are manufactured in Michigan. Some of the products are McClure's Pickles, Moosejaw, Carhartt, and Vernors.

How many counties in Michigan are sugar beets grown?

21 Counties grow sugar beets in Michigan.

What kind of fruit is grown in Michigan?

apples blueberies cherries

What type of wheat is grown on the East coast?

The majority of the wheat in this region, including Soft Red Winter in the central and southeastern states and White in New York and Michigan, is grown as part of a complex crop rotation system on farms that specialize in other agricultural products

What are some of Michigan's products?