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Q: What promise was made to slaves that encouraged them to fight for the british?
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What mistaken belief did the British have about the Southern colonies?

That the slaves wouold fight with the british.

Who was the leader of the hessians?

The leader of the Hessian's were the British the were used as slaves and had no choice but to fight for the British

Why did the Americans and the British fight again in the Battle of Bunker Hill?

to fight for freedom against slaves

How did the British convince slaves to fight against the Patriots?

by promising them freedom

What three groups of people had the british enlisted to fight against the colonists?

slaves, mercenaries, and native americans

Which group of people were allowed to fight for the British during the American Revolution in exchange for their freedom when the war ended?


What did the church promise the crusaders to motivate them to fight?

promise them weapons

What did both David walker an Henry h garnet slaves do?

Both David Walker and Henry Highland Garnet were African American abolitionists who advocated for the end of slavery in the United States. They used their voices and writings to inspire slaves to resist their bondage and fight for their freedom. Walker's "Appeal" urged slaves to revolt against their masters, while Garnet's "Call to Rebellion" encouraged slaves to rise up and fight for their liberation.

How did people outside the U.S. react to the American revolution?

NovaNet answer: Many were encouraged and wanted to fight for a voice in their government.

What did the church promise to the crusaders in order to motivate the to fight?

promise them weapons

What happened at the battle of dorchester heights?

A: Washingtone was ableto drive the British AwayBritish from Boston NeededMore Troopscolonists did not allow African Americans(slaves) to fight or join the ArmyLord Dunmore's Proclamation stated that British would allow Africant Americanstojoin the British Army. Slaves would be set free after the warif joined the British.

What factors encouraged the fight for independence?