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It's a non-conductor (of electricity).

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Q: What property does a plastic have that makes it possible to give it static charge?
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What is an antistatic property?

the fast dissipation of static electricity (static charge).

What charge develops on rubbing plastic straw with polythene?

Static electrical charge.

What kind of material generally creates the greatest static charge?


Can you produce static electricity?

"Static electricity" is more accurately referred to as "static charge". Yes, of course you can. you just rub 2 good insulators together (plastic is recommended) and use it to pick up small bits of paper. static is electricity that doesn't move in a current. Or, run a plastic comb through your hair. It will take on a static charge.

Static in static electricity describes what property of the charge?

The "static" in static electricity describes that the charge is unmoving, or staying in one place. A movement of electrons is not occuring, however there is an electrical charge. The opposite would be current electricity that flows, and that you would find in electric cords, etc...

How does rubbing make plastic charged?

It creates friction which, in turn, creates static electricity therefore giving the plastic a positive charge.

Is lighting a static charge or is it produce by static charge?

Lighting is caused by static charge, not that lighting is a static charge . It happen when unlike charge come in attraction.

What charge occurs when rubbing a balloon with plastic?

it will produce static electricity and the static electricity will make the balloons stick together for about 2 seconds

A plastic rod is rubbed with fur the rod accumulates an overall charge through what method of charging?

It is static electricity.

Accumulation of electric charges on a object?

The build up of a charge on an object can be referred to as a static build up charge.

How do you build up static charge?

on yourself: on a dry (not humid) day (usually in winter), rub your feet wearing synthetic soled shoes, on the carpet, your body will build up static charge which you can discharge by grounding to other objects. you can build a static charge on a plastic rod by rubbing it with fur. air masses build static charges by rubbing against each other. these are just a few ways.

Why static electricity don't have electric charge?

Static electricity DOES have an electric charge.