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Muhammed (Note: I don't mean Muhammed Ali)

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Q: What prophet did Allah speak his words to?
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Related questions

Who was the first prophet of Allah?

Adam was the first prophet of Allah alhamdullilah

How did Allah speak to Mohammad?

Allah (God) spoke to prophet Muhammad through Hazaret the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) in Arabic, that is the Quran language.

What do moslems believe?

That Allah is God, and there is no other god except Allah. That Mohammed was the prophet whom Allah gave the Quran, which they believe to be the true words of Allah.

Who believed he was Allah's final prophet?

Allah (SWT) last Prophet of Islam was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Was Muhammad a prophet of Gabriel?

Gabriel (Jibril) is an Angel who conveyed Allah (God in English) Quran words to prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is prophet of God.

How did Prophet Muhammad become a prophet?

He became prophet because Allah chose him to be. ALLAH chose him over the people

How did Allah save prophet Muhammad when prophet Muhammad had to escape?

Allah save prophet Muhammad by spider net.

Who is the last prophet of Allah?

prophet Muhammad

Is Muhammad considered the son of god?

No, he is Allah's prophet. Nope, he's the prophet of Allah.

Is Muhammad the same as Allah?

Muhammad is a prophet of Allah.

What is the name of the first prophet of Allah?

Adam ('alayhis-salaam) was the first prophet of Allah Almighty.

Why is muhhamad Allah important?

I think your confused The Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is the messenger and prophet of Allah, Allah is the One True God.

How many prophet of Allah?

There were believed to be 126000 Prophets of Allah.

What do Muslims believe is the origin of Quran?

Allah words transmitted by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammed

What do Muslims believe the origin is of the quran?

Allah words transmitted by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammed

How did the prophet raise the status of women?

only the prophet and Allah can answer it

Who was the 2nd prophet of the mighty Allah?

The second prophet (Nabi) of ALLAH is Hazrat Shees (a.s) who son of Adam (as).

Was Allah the great prophet of the Islamic religion?

Just as Gott is the German word for God, Allah is the Arabic word for God. Christains who speak Arabic pray to Allah, just as Jews, Muslims, Baha'is and others who speak Arabic. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Baha'is and others who speak German pray to Gott. Every langauage has its own word for God, just like their own words for every other thing.

Who wrote the kuran?

It is forbidden to ask who wrote because no one did, the Quran are Allah's words.The prophet Muhammed PBUH wrote it down but only when Allah told him what to write exactly.Allah sent angels to the prophet of what Allah wants him to write and the prophet wrote it down.The Quran was completed in almost 23 years.Remember it is Allah's words and you can't say anyone wrote it down.

Who is the third prophet of Allah?


How do you say there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet in Arabic?

La Ilaha Ila Allah, Muhammad rasulu Allah.La = NoIlaha= GodIla Allah= except allahMuhammad rasulu Allah= Mohammed is the messenger prophet of Allah

Which prophet contact between Allah and Prophet Muhammad?

no prophet was a messenger between the prophet Muhammad and Allah, it was angel Gabriel.

Muhammad is the prophet of?

He is the prophet of Islam religion. Muslims' holy book is Quran, which consist of words of Allah(God) revealed to him through the angel Gabriel.

Which prophet zabur was revealed by Allah?

Prophet Dawud had the Zabur or Psalms.

Which prophet was known as khalil Allah?

the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)