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Q: What protects astronauts from radiation in the spacecraft?
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Why doesn't radiation penetrate apolo13 when it went to the moon?

Radiation is a risk to all space and earth travelers. Your space radiation exposure increases when you take an international flight. The earth's magnetic field protects us from most cosmic radiation. The Apollo Astronauts (as all astronauts) were exposed to increased radiation when they traveled outside of earth's magnetic field from two sources. First, the relatively stable galactic radiation from deep space. Second, variable Solar radiation from the Sun which we call Solar Activity. So the answer is radiation did penetrate the Apollo 13 spacecraft during their journey, as it does all spacecraft, just not enough to make the crew sick or significantly increase their risk of cancer. Blake Chamberlain, MD. Flight Surgeon

Why do astronauts wear straps in the spacecraft?

To stop them floating about in the spacecraft.

How many people did Gemini spacecraft Cary?

The Gemini spacecraft carried two astronauts to the moon.

What was the name of spacecraft that carried astronauts?

Apollo 11 was the spacecraft

What was the spacecraft that the astronauts took from the Apollo 11 to the surface of the Moon called?

The spacecraft that took the astronauts to the moon , was the Lunar module called The Eagle.

When did the astronauts enter Apollo 11?

The astronauts entered the Apollo spacecraft by a hatch.

What is the plural of astronaut?

The plural form of astronaut is astronauts.

Name of spacecraft that carried the astronauts?


How does the astronauts survive in the outer space?

The spacecraft that astronauts go up in, have their own life support systems which regulate conditions to keep the spacecraft hospitable.

How can astronauts protect from radiation?

Astronauts can be protected from radiation by their suits. The space suits are designed for it only.

How do astronauts sleep in a spacecraft?

They sleep straped to the wall

How are astronauts inside the spacecraft protected from the heat?

astronauts wear special suits which protect them from the heat