What psychological disorders are present in the movie pulp fiction?

Its impossible to answer this question without including case data, as mental health is more about recognition of trends which are supported by data of an Intellectual Property. Also, I would like to add, that we are merely seeing flatened presentations of real people. That said, that are real clues as to the types of personalities present.

Mia Marcellus presents as a far developed Borderline Personality Disorder (Self hurting behavior, insatiable appetite and necessity for acceptance in dysfunction of men, even as she is sabotaging relationships), being the evil twin of Bipolar Disorder, there is the tonic/clonic highs/lows that come with that dissociative disorder as well as (and by definition) a disconnect of reality. The remorse of the life lived is present, ultimately leading to her overdose.

Samuel Jackson's Character (Jules) and John Travolta's (Vincent) are very straightforward and classic Antisocial Personality Disorders, known as psychopathic and dissociative on their own their women that they involve themselves with present with a differing phenom.

Bruce Willis' character? Clearly with the watch is an "Attentional Fixation in Panic Disorder