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House Arrest / Home Confinement

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Q: What punishments is considered an intermediate sanction Probation House arrest Suspended sentence or Incarceration?
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Which of the following punishments is considered an intermediate sanction?


Which punishment is considered an intermediate sanction?

Intermediate sanctions are punishments that are stronger than probation, but not as strong as imprisonment. Some intermediate sanctions include making the wrongdoer pay restitution to the victims or the court, and strict home supervision including drug testing, employment verification checks, and curfews.

What is shock probation?

This usually means a period of incarceration prior to relase to probation supervision.

What are the different types of probation?

Intermediate probation, intensive probabtion, strict probation, and "file drawer" probation.

Clients who have a history of criminal behavior prior probation and are the most likely to fail on probation?

Previous incarceration

What happen if you get caught with 2g of marijuana while on probation?

There's a big possibility you may go from probation to incarceration.

Can a person be on probation if they have not been convicted?

No. If they weren't convicted of something there would not be any need for them to be on probation. If someone is on probation it means that they are serving an alternative to incarceration..

What is an alternative to incarceration?

For lesser crimes, including some misdemeanors there are alternatives to incarceration. The alternatives range from fines and probation, to in house arrest.

What are legal concequences for someone 18 drinking?

Arrest, trial, incarceration, probation, fine.

If your on probation and have a curfew will they check on you?

They may. And if they catch you violating your curfew, you will likely be returned to incarceration.

Define probation as it relates to the criminal justice system?

Probation is a sentence, which is part of the criminal justice process. It can be ordered as part of or instead of incarceration. Probation is a type of sentence that is given by a judge that orders a defendant to remain free and at liberty without further arrest and to abide by certain standard and/or special terms and conditions while under the supervision of the Government's probation department for a period of time. Upon successful completion of the probation, which may include some incarceration, the sentence is forever discharged. If the probation is not successfully completed the defendant is subject to incarceration for the amount of time given to a person had the probation never been imposed. If the probationer served some time in jail then credit would be given toward the final incarceration.

Is being charged with a felony is tha same is being convicted even tho i got off on probation?

Yes, you were convicted. Probation IS a sentence. Probation is in lieu of (instead of) incarceration.

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