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Q: What purpose do the calligraphy and stamps serve on Chinese scrolls?
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Are the forever postage stamps good for the new increase?

That is the purpose of the Forever Stamps. They always equal the first class cost. It does not matter what you pay for them.

What has the author Charles L Cheng written?

Charles L. Cheng has written: 'Baguio history through stamps-Philippines' -- subject(s): Postage stamps, History 'The ethnic Chinese in Baguio and in the Cordillera, Philippines' -- subject(s): Chinese, History

Do US postage stamps expire?

No - they do not expire. No US stamps issued since 1865 have been been devalued. The only exception are the special delivery stamps which paid for service no longer offered. Air mail stamps are good for any purpose. Some stamps can't be used for certain things. The non-denominated stamps cannot be used on international mail.

Where on legend of Zelda spirit tracks do you get both swordsman's scrolls?

One of the scrolls is given to you when you find all twenty stamps for the old man,its the one that lets you do the spin attack.the other one is given when you find all the rabbits,it the one that gives you ranged sword attacks

Do you need an extra stamp with the Forever Stamps?

No you don't, that's the whole purpose of the Forever stamps, they are valid for one ounce of First Class Postage at any rate.

How much are stamps from china worth?

It depends what the stamp's rarity is. It doesn't nessicarily depend on the country. Because if you went to china, there would be tons of Chinese stamps since, well ur in China.

What was the purpose of stamps during World War 2 and how were they different from ration books?

Perhaps you are referring to War Stamps. These could be purchased for a few cents each and when a book was filled, exchanged for a War Bond.

What are some good Christmas greeting card ideas?

Some good Christmas greeting card ideas are to use stamps to make the cards themselves, attaching small ornaments to the cards as gifts, or using calligraphy pens for the script.

Can you still use the forever postage stamps to send mail or do you have to add more postage?

The entire purpose of the Forever Stamps was that you can use them for one ounce of First Class Postage forever. No additional postage is necessary.

What is the purpose of revenue stamps?

Revenue is the word used in many places for tax. Revenue stamps were used to indicate that the appropriate tax was paid. You will find them on things like stock transfer documents and property deeds.

What can you buy on food stamps?

Food stamps are for the purpose of buying food. You can't buy soaps, detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, candy, soda, beer (or any alcohol), only food. The clerk or cashier in the store should be able to tell you if an item is eligible for purchase with food stamps. There are a few places that accept food stamps for nonfood items, but that is fraud and those who do this can be fined and/or arrested. Food stamps are for food only.

What is the value of series A postage stamps?

"A " stamps are the same as 15-cent stamps.

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