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Poke Flute

Just a radio channel that only Kant uses

Black Flute

Repels wild Pokemon

White Flute

Attracts wild Pokemon

Blue Flute

Awakens a sleeping Pokemon

Yellow Flute

Snaps a Pokemon out of Confusion

Red Flute

Snaps a Pokemon out of Infatuation

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White Flutes are made from blown grass. Its melody makes Pokemon more likely to appear.

You cannot get the Yellow Flute in Pokemon Platinum. The only Flutes that are obtainable in Pokemon Platinum are the White and Black Flutes.

No, you use the flutes in battle to heal certain conditions. Some heal confusion, some wake up your active Pokemon etc. You can get these flutes in Pokemon Emerald by collecting ash and then taking it to a glass-blowing man in a house that is around the area that has the volcano.

To awaken,ynconfuse,and more to help

You can't because time flutes are used to purify Pokemon in colosseum.

It is not possible to combine the White and Black Flutes or any of the flutes in Pokémon Pearl.

IN MUSIC: If you mean black as in color, it's probably wooden. Wooden black flutes and piccolos tend to have a richer tone than silver flutes. IN POKEMON: If you blow it, it will keep away Pokemon.

I'm pretty sure you can't find any flutes in Pokemon Pearl.

yellow,black,blue,white,and red

There are many different kinds of flutes. There are normal C flutes, bass flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos for example.

umm... I don't think flutes are obtained through contest ^.^'

Whistle? there are only flutes which the yellow flute can be obtained from the game corner exchange using your coins.

you can get colors yellow, red, white, black, and blue.

Main FlutesBlack Flute- Decreases the amount of Pokemon found in the wild.White Flute- Increases the amount of Pokemon found in the wild.Blue Flute/ Poke Flute- Awakens sleeping Pokemon.Red Flute- Snaps Pokemon out of infatuation.Yellow Flute- Snaps Pokemon out of confusion.Other FlutesDPPt: Azure Flute- When played at the summit of Mt. Coronet, a staircase will appear leading to the Hall of Origin*. Event item.Pokemon Colosseum: Time Flute- One use items given to the player three times. It calls Celebi to have it completely purify a Shadow Pokemon*.

flutes are 67.5 cm long

there are 7 types of flutes

aulophobiaThe fear of the flutes is known as aulophobia. It can be defined as an abnormal and persistent worry of the flutes.

Jean Baptiste flutes are reliable, reasonably priced starter flutes.

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

Yes, there are flutes in a marching band.

Miyazawa Flutes was created in 1969.

No, they are types of tin whistles and recorders. :)

The earlier flutes were made of wood.

Pearl Flutes was created in 1968-04.

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