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There are no qualifications. Most security guard jobs are hourly and you may need certification if you are carrying a weapon.

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2010-04-14 12:44:39
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Q: What qualifications does a person need to have to get security guard jobs?
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What exactly are security guard jobs?

Security guard jobs generally mean the person keeps a strong watch over the place they are guarding. These jobs are needed all over the place in any area.

What qualifications are needed for SAP Security jobs?

SAP Security jobs can be found in many places including airports, retailers, warehouses. Any person or business who has a need for security personnel would have security jobs available.

Where can I get security guard jobs in NY?

You can go to and search for security guard jobs in the new york area.

Are there any security guard jobs in Oakland California? is the source where you can Find all 148 Security Guard jobs in Oakland at Simply Hired, the largest search engine for jobs.

Do you know any security guard jobs?

there are a few sites online that deal with this question about security guard jobs . here are the sites I hope they can help you Forums Job Security Guard ,

How can I find security guard jobs in Texas?

If you are looking for security guard jobs in Texas you should go to the displaced workers program. They can get you jobs in plants, factories,colleges or may even consider you for TDJC.

How well do security guard jobs normally pay?

Security guard jobs normally pay somewhere in the thirty thousand to fifty thousand dollar range per year. The pay depends on what type of company a security guard is employed at, however.

Why are you interested in a security guard card jobs?

because you can get girls

Are there any Homeland Security jobs for Ethics majors?

If you are looking for homeland Security jobs you first should have a resume available. Then go directly to the Homeland Security website and look at the jobs qualifications and apply.

Do security guard jobs require the person to carry a firearm?

The rules on whether security guards are required to carry guns varies from state to state and job to job. When applying for a job as a security guard you will be able to find out if this is a requirement of that particular role.

What kind of jobs can you get at Colorado State University?

Possible jobs at Colorado State University would be as a cleaner, a student liason officer, a secretary, a security guard, a professor or a professor's aide. These would depend on the qualifications you had and available openings at the university.

Where can I find information about security guard jobs online?

Besides online job search sites such as,, or, you can find Security Jobs at Indeed ( or (

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