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What qualities does Bow Wow look for in a girl?

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Yes, he went out with one of my really thick friends!

2008-02-07 22:14:14
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2020-06-01 08:57:43

To: Yes, he went out with one of my really thick friends!

Really? He is really hot, right? Lol if he is reading right now, Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You. LOL GET IT, THATS ONE OF HIS SONGS!!

2020-06-01 08:57:43
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What qualities does Bow Wow like in a girl?

girls that want him for him and not his money. == ==

Does bow wow have a girl friend?

well bow wow has had lots of girl frends in his past but noww he is curently free from wat i noe ofps bow wow is tooo bootiful

What bands have 2 boys 1 girl?

bow wow wow

I bow wow i love you soo?

hey bow wow this is cheraque the girl you met at the verizon center i love you

What type of personality does bow wow look for in a girl?

I would say that he likes a girl who is nice and funny and also who has a great smile

Who is the black girl in bow chicka wow wow?

Her race is Cambodian for sure.

Your friend tells you that a boy was staring at her with an expression on his face that she describes as ''bow-chica-bow-wow''. What does that mean?

a seductive look

What is a BOW WOW?


Are samamtha mumba little bow wow and little bow wow related?

they really look alike but no they're not related. bow wow has 2 sisters, erica and jasarah on his step dads side.

What does bow wow feet look like?

not bad

Who is the black tattooed girl in bow chicka wow wow?

Lyla Dee thats her name!

Who is the girl on the couch with lil Wayne in bow chicka wow wow?

Some model chick

Who is the second girl in mike posner bow chicka wow wow video?

Lyla Dee

Who is bow wow girlfriend?

a girl from Alabama but they keeping it a secret.............

Who is Rosa acosta going out with?

bow wow yay get it girl

Did Bow Wow go with a girl name Crystal?


What type of girl does Bow Wow like?

Rangas you idiot

When did Bow Wow Wow end?

Bow Wow Wow ended in 2006.

When was Bow Wow Wow created?

Bow Wow Wow was created in 1980.

How do bow wow look with Beyonce?

well seeing howw beyonce is with jay z that would look very bad. even if beyonce wasnt with jay z i still think they would look bad together. i think Rhianna and bow wow or ciara and bow wow.

Who is Lil' Mama's brother?

bow wow bow wow

Who does bow wow go out with?

bow wow is single

Is Bow Wow married?

No, Bow Wow is not

Who is better romeo or bow wow?


Who is better bow wow or omarion?

bow wow