What qualities made Andrew Jackson a popular candidate and leader?

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Andrew Jackson was loyal, intelligent an outgoing

What are the good and bad qualities of president Andrew Jackson?

Good: . Allowed the common white male to serve in government . improved trade with European and south American countries . earned lots of respect for demanding our right full payment fromFrance Bad . closed the national banking system . He only put his friends in government jobs. This was known as ( Full Answer )

What did Andrew Jackson do?

Brief summary of some major events: . War-hero and General from The War of 1812 . Elected president in 1828, reelected in 1832 . Dramatically reduced the national debt, almost eliminating it . Tool advantage of the "spoils system" meaning the incoming president would replace staff with those o ( Full Answer )

Why was Andrew Jackson so popular with the common people?

Andrew Jackson was popular because the people saw him as someone just like them. And he treated all people the same and understood their needs. He saw blacks and whites as equals and respected the lower class people.

How was Andrew Jackson an effective leader?

By effective, that means that he finished what he said he was going to do. That's the main reason, now all you have to do is explain what he said he was going to do and what he did to finish it. Now since, I'm guessing, that you have a textbook, I suggest you actually read it rather than asking ( Full Answer )

What qualities made Louis Riel a good leader?

Louis Riel is considered by many to have been a good leader becausehe stood firmly for what he believed in, but was also willing tocompromise. Riel founded the province of Manitoba, and was a strongadvocate for the Metis people, an aboriginal group in Canada.

Did Andrew Jackson fulfill the leadership qualities of a good president?

Yes, I think any reasonable person would say that he did. He was a strong leader, knew what he wanted to do, and that offended some, but he also was a politician and knew how to get his ideas forwarded and accepted. The fact the he was re-elected after some controversy indicated that he had go ( Full Answer )

What are some qualities of Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson was very loyal to his friends and also easilyangered. He famously fired all of his cabinet members, except forone, because all of the members refused to invite the one member'swife to parties.

Why was Andrew Jackson popular among citizens?

Andrew Jackson (March 1767 to June 1845) served in the militiaduring the American Revolutionary War, and was later elected as theseventh President of the United States. Jackson was popular amongcitizens due to being a war hero and being more like the citizensthan other candidates.

What qualities made Gandhi a good leader?

Humility, modesty, and having faith were among the qualities which made Gandhi a good leader. He knew what was right for his people and no matter what, he kept on going.

What factors explain Andrew Jacksons popularity?

Andrew Jackson was extremely popular during his time because hedefeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. He alsoappealed to the common man by denouncing the aristocracy.

What does Andrew Jackson do?

Andrew Jackson helped fight in the War of New Orleans and The War of 1812, he was the seventh president of America. He fought in wars and he was also a general.

What made Andrew Jackson a great president?

One thing that made Andrew Jackson a great president was that heused his presidential powers to veto bills he thought were unfit.He also changed the way presidential were held by holding ralliesand appearances.

What battle made Andrew Jackson a hero?

The Battle of New Orleans in January of 1815 made Jacksonnationally famous. There was talk about running him for Presidentin 1816.

What initially made Andrew Jackson famous?

Andrew Jackson initially became famous for defeating the Britishforces at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. AndrewJackson was the 7th President of the United States.

What made Andrew Jackson president?

He was legally elected . His national standing came mostly from his heroic victory over the British in 1815. People who lived in areas threatened by Indians appreciated his success in putting down most of the threats. The population of the US was moving westward and the first presidents were all wea ( Full Answer )

Why was Andrew Jackson called a self-made man?

Because that is what he was. He started with no family, wealth or connections. No one paid to give him an education and nobody paved his way to national prominence. He was able to marry a woman that had some family connections, but that was due to his own charm and initiative. He did not start wit ( Full Answer )

Why was Andrew Jackson popular with the average citizen?

He was popular at first because he was more like them than were the old line aristocrats who opposed him. He also was a war hero and had the ability to instill confidence in his men when he was a general ,and with the people when he became President. Even when he did things that they were dubiou ( Full Answer )

Was Andrew Jackson a popular president?

He was re-elected with just about the same majority(55-56 %) the second time as the first, so he must have been reasonably popular.

What made Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison heroes?

Both were victorious in battles against Indians. Jackson went on to rout the British and gain a great victory which was important to the American psyche, at New Orleans. Harrison was chosen by the Whigs, as a sort of duplicate of Jackson. Although he was really from the old aristocracy of Virgin ( Full Answer )

Name one reason that Andrew Jackson was popular?

Well, he was a military hero, and he was also a self-made man (did not grow up wealthy). So, average citizens -- the commoners -- thought of him as one of their own: tough and hard-working. The class divide that separated so many politicians from your average Joe Shmoe wasn't there.

Where was Andrew Jackson from?

He claimed to have been born in Van Wyck, SC on Hwy 521 south of Charlotte, NC. There is a marker put up by the DAR in Lancaster Co., South Carolina. He claims to have been born on March 15, 1767 on a Plantation owned by James Crawford.

What was the major contribution President Andrew Jackson made?

Your question calls for a value judgment and so is really a matter of opinion, but I think his biggest contribution was to move the Presidency away from the old wealthy aristocratic establishment along the coast and to the people who had moved West, recently cleared land and endured the hardships of ( Full Answer )

Why was Andrew Jackson popular with voters?

He was viewed as a man of the people. He supported the common man and was the height of patriotism. He was also a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. He defeated the British (even though the war was technically over, news traveled slowly).

Since Andrew Jackson who has won presidency after having lost the popular vote?

Jackson actually won the popular vote -- you are thinking of John Q. Adams who won the presidency in 1824 when Jackson won the plurality of the popular vote. Others who won the presidency but lost the popular vote were Hayes in 1876 and George Bush in 2000, and probably John Kennedy in 1960.

What qualities helped Andrew Jackson succeed?

He was a complex person who led a violent and adventurous life. He was quick to lose his temper and dealt with his enemies harshly. Jackson intended to be a strong president by expanding the powers of the presidency. At the same time, Jackson's supporters admired his ability to inspire and lead othe ( Full Answer )

Bad qualities of Andrew Jackson?

Good: . Allowed the common white male to serve in government . improved trade with European and south American countries . earned lots of respect for demanding our right full payment from France Bad . closed the national banking system . He only put his friends in government jobs. This was kn ( Full Answer )

What qualities did Lenin hold that made him a great leader?

And who told you that Ulyanov was a "great leader"? The man could not resist the temptation of adopting a "nom de guère": Lenin, from the river Lena in Siberia, where he spent a few months in exile, before leaving to a life of comfort in the west, until the German military intelligence sent him h ( Full Answer )

Bad decisions made by Andrew Jackson?

december 25 1895 Andrew jacksons parents said he could be anythinghe wanted so he became a crack head That was the original answer, but Im gonna make it more specific.Three details I think were a little over-the-top for jackson was- 1. He started the whole nullification crisis 2. He closed down the ( Full Answer )

Who else was popular when Michael Jackson made Bad?

Prince (not his son) and Madonna were popular Actually Prince and Michael were supposed to do "Bad" together, but Prince backed out and said, "This song will be popular with, or without me." Later on they joked around saying it was because we didn't want to sing the lyric "Your Butt is Mine" at the ( Full Answer )

What are qualities that made Charlemagne a great leader?

He built an empire that reached across France, Germany, and part of Italy. He had very good sight and spent much of his reign fighting the Muslims in Spain, Saxons in the North, the Avars and Slavs in the east, and Lombards in Italy. He loved battle and was a very successful conquerer who reunited m ( Full Answer )

Who was Andrew Jackson popular with?

He was popular with the common people, because he was the first president to have been born from the West and relate with the common people, not just the wealthy people. He further eliminated the property need to vote, increasing the amount of people voting.

What made Andrew Jackson choose president for his career?

He didn't plan on being the president. He was born into a poor family and the past presidents before him had been rich. Most people just become successful and see that they have a chance of winning.

Which about the 1824 presidential election is TRUE A candidate Andrew Jackson lost despite the most popular vote B A North-Easterner John Quince Adams was elected president C A depression followed?

The 1824 presidential election is very similar to the 2016 contestbetween Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Just like now, in1824, the winner of the popular vote did not have enough electoralvotes to win the election. The Electoral College actually votes for the US President. ThePopular Vote only ( Full Answer )

What qualities made kemal ataturk a successful leader for turkey?

Ataturk abolished the religious power of the sultanate, declaring Turkey a secular state, making religious schools and courts illegal. He banned the wearing of the fez and encouraged the wearing of western style dress for both me and women. Compulsory head covering for women was abolished, and weste ( Full Answer )

What made president Jackson so popular during his time?

Jackson was the son of two poor immigrant parents and was a self-made man with little formal education. He lived on the frontier and was easy for the common man to identify with. He was also a hero at the Battle of New Orleans and as an Indian fighte. He was a shrewd politician and an strong , activ ( Full Answer )