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"Muy bien" just means "very well". So, any question that calls for this answer would work, like:
(1) How are you? -- ¿Cómo estás?
(2) Does this work? -- ¿Funciona esto?
(3) Do you know this area? -- ¿Conoces esta area?
(4) How does your sister sing? -- ¿Cómo canta tu hermana?
How are you today?
How does the soup taste?
How did you do on the test?
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How do you translate ''muy bien'' from Spanish to English?

Muy bien literally translates into " very well ". However, in Spanish, as in English, people with relaxed grammar skills use the adverb bien (well) interchangeably with the adjective bueno (good). So muy bien may in casual (perhaps less educated) conversation, be loosely translated as " ve ( Full Answer )

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We ask questions because we wish to find out something we did notknow ... after all, no one knows everything! Well... God knowseverything You should ask questions because questions usually lead to answers.Questions provide information and knowledge. Questions also create social relationships: "How ( Full Answer )

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There are many questions that either should not or will not beasked. One question for example is what the future of educationwill look like.

Why ask questions?

You should ask questions because questions usually lead to answers.Questions provide information and knowledge. Questions also create social relationships: "How are you?", "Whatdid you do last night?", "What did you think of that movie?".Asking people questions about themselves shows interest. We a ( Full Answer )

In Mathspy what questions did Lucy ask Rick in the London Park and what were the correct responses?

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How do you pronounce muy bien?

Spanish for "very good" or "very well", pronounced "MOO-ee bee-ENN".. (Rhymes with "Louie B. N." )

Esta muy bien?

As written, it means "this very good". Probably you mean "Está muy bien", meaning "you are very good" or "it is very good", or "he/she is very good". Context woud determine exactly who or what you are talking about.

How do you ask questions on this?

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Translate Su espanol estoy muy bien?

What you have written is --- Your spanish I'm very good. What is correct is Su espanol es muy bien --- your spanish is very good. Or Su espanol esta muy bien --- your spanish is very good.

If somebody say muy bien to you what do you say?

if someone had said muy bien to you, you would have had to ask them how they are.. muy bien translates into very good. it is mainly used when asked como estas? (how are you). you can reply with bien (good) or muy bien (very good)

Muy bien in spanish?

"Muy bien" ya es una frase en español. En inglés, eso quiere decir "very good".

Where is the question that you have asked?

It will appear in your history. Click your username (on the left of the page) - that will bring up your profile. To the right is a box 'recent contributions' - at the bottom is a blue link 'see all'. That will bring up everything you've done here. Click the down arrow next to where it says 'filter ( Full Answer )

What does Yo soy muy bien gracias mean?

literally, "I'm very good, thanks" "Yo soy muy bien, gracias" is a wrong sentence, the right sentence is "Yo estoy muy bien, gracias" and the meaning "I'm very well, thanks"

What does Te salio muy bien mean in spanish?

He left very well. There should be an accent over the "o" in "salio", by the way. I get that you probably don't have a spanish keyboard, though.

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Tú muy bien al futbol?

Your sentence is missing a verb. If you are trying to say "you are good at football", then it would be ¨"Eres bien al fútbol." Maybe "Juegas al fútbol bien" might be better.

Muy bien estudiando mucho y tu?

Very well studying a lot, and you? This is not a very correct way of saying it, since the gerund form is usually not used like this in Spanish. A better way would be to say: Muy bien, estudio mucho, ¿y tú?

What can you not ask the question why to?

The question word 'why' is asking for a reason. So you only use 'why' when you want to know the reason for something. If I said 'My name is Fred.' It would be a bit strange to ask 'why.' If I said 'I'm going home.' Then it would be reasonable to ask 'why'

What does si Muy bien mean?

Si muy bien = Yes, very well (Where 'si' has accent over 'i') (If no accent, 'if very well')

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Está muy bien y tú?

He/she is very well, and you? If you use Estoy, then it would be I am very wel...

What does tu es muy bien cantar mean?

There are several issues with your sentence. First, if you want to say "you" in the informal sense, you must use an accent over the "u", or "tú". "Tu" without the accent means "your". The second issue is the conjugated form of "ser". This must match the subject "tú", which is informal second p ( Full Answer )

How do you ask a question if there is no question to be asked but you have a question?

If you have a question, but there is no question to be asked, thensomething is wrong... either language skills are lacking, so thatyou can't put the question you have into words in order to ask it,or something is wrong with your ability to ask a question. Maybe asoftware problem? ... Not sure why yo ( Full Answer )

What does Muy bien estoy en esa clase ahora mean in English?

I'm not 100 percent certain. If it's two sentences then it means: Very well. I'm in that class now. If it's one sentence then the speaker probably means, "I am very well in that class now" - meaning that they are doing well in that class now (implying that this wasn't the case in the past).

Why do we ask you questions?

Most people ask questions so someone will provide them with the answer to their question.

How do you respond to Muy Bien in Spanish?

Muy bien means 'very well'. The conversation could look somethinglike "¿Cómo estás? Muy bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?" You could reply withhowever you are feeling. If you are feeling tired you could say"Estoy cansado" if you are male or "Estoy cansada" if you arefemale.

Why do you not answer the question ask of you?

There might be several reasons, and suspicions here might just aseasily be incorrect as correct. A question is often too general,and without enough context to answer; often when just one moreimportant piece of information would make an answer possible. Ananswer may not be known to your question; or, ( Full Answer )