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Q: What questions are too insulting to be answered on WikiAnswers?
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What questions are too scary to be answered on WikiAnswers?

No questions are too scary to be answered!

What questions cannot be answered on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers cannot answer many types of questions. Here are some questions that cannot be answered, and will be dropped from the site:Chatting - questions like "What are you doing?" and "What is the homework?" cannot be answered because this is not a chat room.Vague Questions - questions that are too vague, like "What is the meaning of life?" or "Why?" cannot be answered.Incomplete questions - sentence fragments, or partial questions, cannot be understood enough to be answered.

Why is it that WikiAnswers never answers your questions?

There are just too many questions on WikiAnswers for every one to be answered. We try our best to get to every question, but sometimes there are just too many! WikiAnswers is now trying to recruit users to sift through the old question archives and try to answer some questions that have been unnoticed.

Why does WikiAnswers show already answered questions under the Unanswered section?

This happens when expert answers are written. You can add an additional answer to that too.

Why does nobody answer your WikiAnswers questions?

People do answer wikianswer questions. This proof is right here on the screen in front of you. Perhaps no one has answered your particular questions because the questionsare too hard. Or maybe they were just dumb questions.

What do you do if you have a question that is too long for WikiAnswers?

If your question is too long, you must shorten it to where enough information is given to where the question can be answered, or if it's possible, ask two separate questions.

Are most of my questions too hard for you to answer should I ask SciAm instead?

WikiAnswers relies on the answers of its Contributors; be patient and your question will be answered! Ensuring that it has correct spelling and is placed in the correct categories will help it be answered quicker.

Why do WikiAnswers contributors take too long to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

Because they have to go to Wikipedia to answer the questions.

What does too mean in you can too?

The word "too" means "also" or "as well."Example:"I answer questions on WikiAnswers, and you can, too!"(if you know the answer, that is)

Why can WikiAnswers not answer?

WikiAnswers does not have the capability to generate answers. A contributor must write an answer for a question to be answered. Some questions are either unanswerable (for example: Why does democracy smell like walnuts?), some are too broad (for example: What is the history of Europe?) and others may be too esoteric or complex for someone to answer.

What add no value to WikiAnswers?

Questions which are too broad to answer (List the New York City phone directory?) or are designed to be trollish or insulting (Why is Johhny so fat?) or too specific to have a viable answer (What did such-and-so have for breakfast today?) are some examples as to what would fall under 'Adds No Value'.

Why doesn't anyone ever answer my questions?

This might be caused by a lack of information in the question. Many questions on WikiAnswers are not clear and are too vague to be realistically answered. It may help to find online communities and forums on the internet to voice your questions if you think your questions require a greater level of expertise to be satisfied.

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