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Don't ask questions, due to you will never get the answers. Tell them about here and now. Take photos, put in transport tickets, pictures of food etc. pictures of animals that are now rare on the planet. Put in silly things, thing you take for everday items. Because they may not be everyday items once the capsule is opened...will they? Good luck. Put in modern-day stuff like scissors, notebooks, razors, and ohter everyday items. Try writing a journal or blog to put in so they'll know what people of that time did, thought about, or how they viewd things. (This works especially well if you do the journals of several different people. Another tohught: put in some calendars of the year. If you are talking about a time capsule that you intend to dig up yourself later on in life, I would place the following questions inside: * Did your dreams become a reality? * Have you done everything that you wanted to do in life? * What would you have done differently? * What was your purpose in life? * What more do you want to accomplish?

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Q: What questions could go into a time capsule?
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