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Try clicking on the most-recent questions tab at the top of your page to see what questions are being asked. Try clicking on the recent site activity tab to the left of the page to see what people are doing right now.

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Why cant WikiAnswers give you the right questions?

it can give you the right questions.

Where are answers to questions?

Right here on WikiAnswers.

What are some websites that answer questions?

One website is WikiAnswers, which is what you are looking at right now.

Why is WikiAnswers the WORST place to look up answers?

New questions on WikiAnswers do take a long time to get answered, but I wouldn't say that it's the worst place to look up answers. WikiAnswers works great for finding answers to common questions, and it does a good job of answering questions when you know ask right. Check out the related questions below for some ways to get better answers on WikiAnswers.

Where are free Bible questions and answer?

AnswerBible questions can be asked right here on WikiAnswers and we will provide the answers you seek at no cost. Just ask away.

Why does WikiAnswers not have real true answers to questions?

You must remember that WikiAnswers depends on people like you and us to give the answers so they might not always be right.

What questions are no match for WikiAnswers?

Almost none. WikiAnswers itself does not answer it, the users do, so however brilliant the person sounds it may not be the right answer so be careful what you believe.

How do you get math answers online?

You ask the question here, in WikiAnswers. This is the site that can answer ALL your math questions. Nowadays, you can get online math answers by few clicks right here at WikiAnswers. We have the answers to your questions. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Where can you find questions which are meant as jokes?

Right here on WikiAnswers of course! But I'm assuming this is a joke as well.

Where are the good discussions on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is mostly for Questions and Answering, but for the group of individuals that enjoy chatting on the site, we have installed a Community Forum at your finger tips! It is right in the navigation :)

Essay on Are you Being Muslims Going On Right Path?

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. Nor will we write critiques, essays, discussion papers or summaries. This is considered cheating. We will, however, assist you should your questions be specific.

Why does nobody answer your WikiAnswers questions?

People do answer wikianswer questions. This proof is right here on the screen in front of you. Perhaps no one has answered your particular questions because the questionsare too hard. Or maybe they were just dumb questions.

How are computers useful in school?

They are usefull in school because i am in summer school right now and all i do is answer questions on WikiAnswers.

What is the only question you can't answer?

There are many unanswerable questions on WikiAnswers. Some we choose not to answer, some are waiting for the right person to answer.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers answer?

The community here at WikiAnswers is dedicated to getting around and answering all questions as soon as possible. As with all questions, they must be worded correctly and under the right category. This will help the community find your question and answer it to the best of their ability.

Why can't Wikipedia and WikiAnswers be linked so that you can ask questions right on Wikipedia?

Well, Wikipedia is more of a search engine and gives you information. Wikianswers is there to help you if you have anything to ask.

Are you on a date right now?

If I was on a date right now, as good as it sounds, I don't think I'd be on my laptop, answering random relationship questions on WikiAnswers.

How do people find out about questions on WikiAnswers?

They use the Ask or Answer bars at the top of the screen to ask and answer questions. They can also use the magnifying class at the top right hand corner of the screen to search for questions.

Am I right or am I right?

Right! No. Right! No... ARGH! As this is a rhetorical question I believe it is not supposed to have an answer. I also believe people shouldn't use wikianswers for rhetorical questions. Wikianswers is supposed to be used for finding out things not for fun with rhetorical questions. Things like this shouldn't be put on. Remember the one you saw before? Saying you are actually left to die? I would be utterly offended if they were saying that to me. So in conclusion, I suggest you do not put rhetorical questions up unless there should be an answer. P.S. Neither. You are not am I right. YOU ARE RIGHT! But unfortunately, you did not say why you are right so you are right about nothing. :P

Who is the better superhero - She-Ra or Wonder Woman?

This is a subjective question. Leave it to forums, not WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is for objective questions. Please, leave discussions for the RIGHT PLACE. Thank you.

Where is WikiAnswers?

You're on WikiAnswers right now! But if you want to come back here after exiting, just open up your internet browser and type in "http://www.wiki.answers.com/" or just simply "wikianswers.com". It is a great Q&A website to use, if you don't mind the questions being asked and answered by a community...

Can you give a thesis title in Filipino?

We have a section for questions in Tagalog. Check the categories to the right of the screen after you return to Wikianswers page.

What do they celebrate in Greece?

Malaka Day. A Day For Gimps Like you who ask Stupid Questions on WikiAnswers. It is celebrated right here and right now allacross Greece!

Why do contributors and supervisors on WikiAnswers keep combining questions that are not related into one question?

They don't. Sometimes supervisors may accidentally do that, but they will always fix it later.When supervisors combine questions into another question, that is called "merging." This is necessary when many questions are asking the same thing.For example, the following questions are asking the same thing:Why aren't the answers to my questions good?How come the answers are sarcastic on WikiAnswers?Why does WikiAnswers prove not good at getting you right answers?These will all be merged into one primary question:Why are there no good answers to my questions?

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