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What questions will the interviewer ask a disabled but working person?

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By Law the only thing a prospective employer can ask you is if you can perform all job requirements with

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Who is an interviewer and interviewee?

An interviewer is a person who is asking a person questions such as in a job interviewer. The interviewer asks the person about their work history and schooling. The interviewee is the person who would be answering these questions.

Is the interviewee is the person answering the interview questions?

Yes. The person asking questions is known as the interviewer.

What is another word for not being able to work?

A disabled person on working affairs.

How do you face difficult interview questions?

Be truthful. Remember,the interviewer is just another person,just like you!

What do you called a person that is interviewing?

The one who asks questions is the interviewer, while the one who is being asked (who answers) is the interviewee. ows talaga?!?

where can disabled person get free dentures ?

where can a disabled person get free dentures

What questions are asked in a interview of freedom fighter?

There are no mandatory questions in interviews; an interviewer can ask whatever questions he or she wishes to ask, and the person being interviewed also has the option of answering those questions or refusing to answer them.

How do you write a dialog between interviewer and interviewee?

dialogue between a person and an interviewer

Can a disabled person be you the Olympics?

a disabled person can be in the special Olympics but not in the real Olympics

What is the question from interviewer to teacher inteviewee?

Some of the questions will be like, 'Why do you think you would be the best person for this position?' Another question would be, 'Why did you become a teacher?' There are many different questions that could be asked.

What is a person who interviews another person called?

An Interviewer

What do call a person who is inerviewing someone else?

Correcting the question: "What do you call a person who is interviewing someone else?" Answer: It matters not whether the person is interviewing you or someone else. In the broad sense, the person conducting the interview (asking the questions) is called an "interviewer". The person to whom the interviewer is addressing questions is the "interviewee". If the interview is for a specific purpose, e.g., a job interview, then a different term could be used such as "job applicant". If you are present while someone else is being interviewed, then you are a "witness".

What is a interviewer?

A person that conducts an interview.

Difference between structured and unstructured interviews?

In structured interviews interviewer prepares series of questions. The person who is giving the interview is asked series of question as per the listed questions in sequence. On the other hand, unstructured interview is the one where the interviewer does not prepare the series of question. He ask the question from the started conversation thread.

Who is the World's fastest disabled person?

Trent michaels of America known to be the fastest disabled person.

What interview questions are asked when applying for a district manager position?

An interviewer may ask several questions about a previous job if the person is interviewing for a district manage position. The person should have a history in managerial work and should have a great track record in those positions.

What is the person giving the interview called?

The interviewer

Should a man be willing to work as a maid to avoid becoming disabled?

If a person is male and working as a "maid" he is usually called a personal "valet"; being a valet has nothing to do with being disabled or collecting disability insurance.

Can a person who is disabled lose there disabilty if they get a fake leg?

No, they will still be disabled.

What should you say to a disabled person?

Talk to the person like you would anyone else. If you have questions specific to the disability, ask, "Would you mind if I ask why you use a walker (wheelchair, cane)?"

Motivation for this job?

Employers would want to observe a very important aspect of a prospective employee - how self motivated is he/she? During the job interview process, the interviewer will not only check whether the person has the required skills and work culture to fit in well with the company, they will also try to observe whether the person has the self motivation to sustain in a job and to ensure that the person delivers his/her best in the job. To find this out, the interviewer normally asks some kind of motivational questions - these types of interview questions are called motivational or motivation job interview questions.

What mean by initial screening interview?

An initial screening interview pre-screens job candidates. The interviewer will ask questions to see if the person is a good match for the company and position.

What do you called a person that makes the interview?

Interviewer and you are the interviewee.

By law is a permanent disabled person forced to work?

can a judge forced a permanent disabled person to work /or to do community hours?

Can any disabled and disability person go to prison?

Yes, a disabled or person with a disability can go to prison if they commit a crime that warrants this.