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I'm not sure about you but in my opinion Night Elves are best.

Here are a couple reasons:

You level fast

If your in trouble you can use shadowmeld to get out of it most of the time

the capital of teldrassill is Darnusses which in my opinion is the best capital for it has everything

So there are my reasons why you should be a Night Elf in WoW.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-24 08:05:17
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Q: What race should you be in wow?
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What race and class should you be in WoW?

There really is no answer to this as you are the only person that knows what race and class you want to be.

Best race in wow?

Tauren. If you do pick a Tauren, you should be a Shaman.

How can you be a werewolf in WoW?

The werewolves in WoW are called "worgens." They are an alliance race.

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Where are the mount vendor in wow?

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Which race Can have pets on wow?

Hunters ---------- locks and deathknights

What is the best race for a warrior in wow?

for horde an ork for allince a human

What is the most popular race in WOW?

Human for the Alliance. Orc for the Horde

What is the best WOW race?

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What is the best mage race in WoW?

Gnome, because of their high intellect.

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What race is the fastest leveler on wow?

Races dont mattter much, all about look

What is the best race on WOW to play with?

well there is alot of good races on wow but to be honest they are all the same some just have some more classes than other`s

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There is no "Best Hunter Race" in WoW. Each race has their own strength and weaknesses. There are some racials that make certain races more attractive than others though. For instance, Orcs have the "Command" racial (passive racial that increases pet damage), while the Night Elf hunters have "Shadowmeld" which puts them into a limited stealth (good for sneak attacks). There ISa "Best Hunter Race" in World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade because they have the Blood Elf Race.

What race makes the best shaman on wow?

Tauren or Draenei lore wise, in terms of race stats wise go for your favourite because later on your Race become aesthetic and the gear you wear is more important. Hope this helps

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