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The racial group that is least likely to have health insurance is Hispanics. Many Hispanics in the United States may not be legal and have no means to get insurance.

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How can group health insurance policy benefit me?

Group health insurance is beneficial because it is cheaper then individual insurance. Group health insurance also offers plans to protect you from more things for a better price.

Where are the headquarters of the Health Group Insurance?

There are no companies termed specifically "Health Group Insurance." A company that closely matches "Health Group Insurance" is the United Health Group based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They were founded in 1977 and their current CEO is Stephen Hemsley.

What companies offer group health insurance?

Most companies offer group health insurance. As an employer it is normally a good thing to offer a group health insurance plan as it is cheaper for the company and needed by the employee.

Can you add your pregnant fiance on your Group Health insurance?

We just found out my Fiance is pregnant she doesn't have health insurance. Will Group Health Insurance let me add her and cover the pregnancy also?

Does McDonalds provide group health insurance to its employees?

Hourl employees do no receive group health insurance. However, management and supervisors, depending on their rank, can sometimes receive health insurance.

How do individual health insurance and group health insurance policies differ?

Individual health insurance policies are purchased by individuals or families, while group health insurance policies are purchased by corporations. Group policies are generally cheaper on a per-capita basis than are individual policies.

What has the author Richard K Kischuk written?

Richard K. Kischuk has written: 'Group health plans' -- subject(s): Finance, Group Insurance, Health Insurance, Health care reform, Insurance, Group, Insurance, Health, Medical care, Medical policy, Public opinion

What racial ethnic group is most likely to be married and least likely to be divorced?

The ethnic racial group that is more likely to marry and less likely to divorce are the Asians. They have the lowest divorce rate and the children live with both parents.

What particular people groups does The Health Insurance Group provide insurance for?

The Health Insurance Group provide insurance for individuals, families and businesses. They also provide health insurance for members of the armed forces and retired police officers who may sometimes struggle to get insurance.

What types of insurance does Mercury Insurance Group offer?

The answer to the question what type of insurance Mercury Insurance Group offers is, Mercury Insurance group offers Vehicle, Homeowners and Health insurance.

How is group health insurance different from individual or family health insurance?

Group health insurance is required to accept all employees regardless of their health while individual insurance can deny coverage to unhealthy people. They also calculate renewal rates differently.

What is the benefit of group health insurance?

Group health insurance is more beneficial than individual group plan because it comes to the individual for free. This is the best way one can get health insurance and medical benefits while saving money.

Can an employer deny group health insurance because of heart disease?

No, true Group insurance cannot deny enrollment for health reasons.

Which is the group name on the insurance card?

Most insurance cards do not have a group name on them, but they do have a group number. The group number is a number given to employer to identify the employee health insurance policy.

Does health insurance cover all maternity costs?

If you have a group or family medical insurance plan, then most likely your health insurance should cover your pregnancy. If you have an individual medical insurance, then you may not be covered for pregnancy. For more information, please check out this site: www.healthquote360.com

Where could I get quotes for group health insurance?

If you are looking for group health insurance, you can obviously do a search on your own by contacting insurance companies directly. However, if you are looking for competitive rates and want a comprehensive search done, you should contact a broker who can assist you. You can get group health insurance quotes by visiting http://www.healthinsurancefinders.com/group-health-insurance.html. Just select your state to begin.

What are some companies that offer business group health insurance?

There are many companies, who offer many types of health care insurance plans. If you're looking for business group health insurance plans though, start by looking into Blue Cross or Johnstons group.

What is a group health plan?

A group health plan is a type of Health Insurance, generally offered by a company to its' employers. It allows a company to cover many people with insurance at a cheaper rate than it would be if each individual had to cover their own health insurance policy.

What has the author George William Graham written?

George William Graham has written: 'Group medicine, the voluntary hospital and health insurance' -- subject(s): Benjamin Franklin Clinic, Group medical practice, Health Insurance, Insurance, Health

What are some good health insurance companies in New York?

Unitedhealth Group, Wellpoint Inc. Group, Kaiser Foundation Group, Aetna Group, Humana Group and HCSC Group are some of the good health insurance companies in New York.

Do handicap people have to pay more for group health insurance?

Since you have group insurance you have to get it at the regualr rate but the company will protect itself. They will most likely deny some of your claims saying you have some pre existing conditions that are not covered.

Where can one obtain group health insurance?

The easiest way to get group health insurance is through an employer's benefits package. Because this is not always possible, many groups, clubs and organizations arrange for insurance option using the members who buy insurance through them as the group to lower the cost.

Do lawyers get health insurance?

United States:Short answer: Yes, if they pay for it.Longer answer: Lawyers can work for companies or partnerships that offer employer/partnership-based health insurance. In this case, they would most likely get insurance as part of their benefits package with the company/partnership.Lawyers that work independently can also get health insurance. They may have access to insurance cooperatives, where they pay premiums along with many other people into a group insurance plan. They may also get health insurance as individuals.

What is membership in Health care insurance?

Most group (insurance you get thru your employer) health companys/policy refer to their insureds as 'members'.

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