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on my 98 heater hoses are at the firewall to the right as you go under the hood. voyager have a tendency to clog up heater cores

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2010-01-11 17:46:47
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Q: What radiator hoses for a 1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager?
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Where are the radiator hoses for a 1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

upper and lower end of radiator

Where are the vacuum hoses that control the blend control door the driver side in 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE?

The blend doors are moved by electric motors on a 1998 Voyager. Vacuum is not used.

How do you remove the radiator hoses in grand voyager?

Well ... I just had to replace the top radiator hose (only) on my 1999 Grand Voyager *tonight* and found your question when I was looking for hints ;) It turns out that replacing the top hose is a piece of cake. Initially, the access to the radiator end of the hose is poor. I had to remove a bit of the trim above the grill. This exposed the hose clamp for the end going into the radiator. At that point, it was no problem.

Where can i get a get a diagram of all radiator hoses for a Pontiac grand am 2.4L?


How can you change a radiator on a 97 Pontiac Grand Am?

Changing a radiator in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am can be a difficult task. To remove the radiator, all of the radiator hoses will need to be disconnected from the radiator. The transmission lines will also need to be removed. After all of the hoses are disconnected, remove all of the clips that are holding the radiator in place. Lift the radiator up and place with a new one. All the hoses and clips will need to be put back in place with the new radiator.

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE new radiator still no pressure in hoses after car is hot.?

GOOD CHANCE THAT THE WATER PUMP CRAPPED OUT.Replace the radiator cap. my car has 2 bleeders on the hoses get the air out

Where are all of the hoses on a 2000 Pontiac grand prix located?

You've got radiator hoses, heater hoses, power steering hoses, vacuum line hoses, etc. Probably best if you purchased a shop repair manual for that vehicle to show how/where they are routed.

On 1999 Plymouth grand voyager transmission where is 2-4 pressure switch located OBD code when checked reads P1782?

the 2-4 solenoid is located in the solenoid pack on the front of the transmission. It is the unit with the big pug in just below the cooler hoses on the transmission.

What is the most common fix for a leaking transmission on a 1998 grand voyager?

A couple of the most common are leaking cooler hoses and a failed solenoid pack. That is the square thing under where the hoses hook to the trans.

How do you remove the radiator on a 95 T-Bird?

Removing the radiator depends on the engine type. Locate the hoses and remove the bolts. Disconnect the radiator hoses. Remove the bolts holding the radiator. Remove the radiator.

How do you change the radiator in a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

drain radiator. remove upper and lower hoses from radiator. if automatic, disconnect tansmission cooler lines. remove fan shroud, or electric fan,whichever applies. unbolt radiator supports and remove radiator.

How many radiator hoses does a 1999 ford explorer have?

2 radiator hoses / the top radiator hose comes from the engine thermostat / and the bottom radiator hose returns to the engine water pump

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