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Whatever memory your motherboard can support but a 64bit version of Windows is needed to manage more than 4GB of RAM.

Generally people use 32bit version ram for all the Windows Operating Systems. So for that it is enough to have 1GB ram. I think 1 GB ram is more than enough for it.

In case If you prefer to choose a 32 Bit version of Windows 7 Then you have to upgrade your hardware to 1GB or more than that.

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Q: What ram can be put on a Windows xp?
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How much ram does a Windows XP coumpter have on it?

Windows XP does not have the RAM, its the computer that has it. The amount of RAM can differ for each computer.

What is the max amount of ram can you put in windows xp home edition?

3 gb

Can windows XP can read ram of 4MB?

No, windows xp cannot read 4mb ram dude it needs at least 64 mb of ram

Will windows xp x64 work on a system with ddr3 ram?

Yes Windows xp will work with DDR3 i have a gaming computer with 16gb DDR3 ram in windows xp 64-bit

What is the minimum requirement for RAM in Windows XP?

The least RAM on which Win XP can run is 64MB

How do you clean RAM in Windows XP?

There is no such thing as "cleaning RAM."

How much ram should be required for Windows XP to run like windows 7?

Windows XP can never "run like Windows 7", regardless of the amount of RAM installed.

What is the maximum amount of RAM that Windows XP can address?

4gb ram

Does Windows XP get deleted if you update a MacBook with Windows XP?

If you are trying to put Windows XP on a Macbook, it won't work.

Can you trade RAM with a windows xp to your Windows Vista?

Assuming they are the same type, e.g. DDR2, yes you can. RAM doesn't rely on the OS to work, as it is hardware, not software. You can't, however, put laptop RAM into a desktop system.

Which is faster Windows XP or Windows 7?

Windows XP uses less RAM (Random Access Memory) making it "faster". However, if your computer has a good amount of RAM Windows 7 will work just as well if not better.

Which two operating systems can function correctly on a system with 64 MB of RAM?

Windows XP Home & Windows XP Pro

How does your you put windows xp back to your system?

I had to clean my system and it remove windows xp can you help me put this back

Computer windows xp Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 ghz 3.00 ghz 0.99 gb of ram physical address extension how much gig is this and ram is 512 is this a good windows xp computer need answer thanks?

I'm not sure I fully understand your question but I will do my best to answer. You have a 3ghz processor with 1GB of ram. 512mb of ram is enough to run windows XP.

Which two operating systems can function correctly on a system with 64MB of RAM?

1- Windows XP Home 2- Windows XP Professional

How much RAM is on a motherboard with windows xp?

The operating system is not directly related to the amount of RAM installed. XP can be run on anything from 32 MB of RAM to 4 GB.

What is the maximum amount of RAM supported by Windows XP Professional?


How much ram is exactly used by windows Xp?

Windows XP can use any amount of RAM, there is no exact amount. The minimum is 256 MB, the recommended is 512 MB, and the best is 1 GB +.

Does windows xp support 4 gigs of ram?

A 32 bit Windows XP can only address 3GB of RAM. To take advantage of all 4 GB and beyond, use 64bit version.

Windows XP Professional requires a minimum of MB of RAM?

64 MB of RAM is the lowest possible.

Can you play call of duty 2 modern warfare on windows xp?

Yes it will work i have windows xp it works fine if ur ram is gud

How can you install Windows xp in nokia x2?

To put it simply, you can't. Windows xp is only for computers.

What is the minimum required RAM when upgrading to Windows XP Professional?

375 MB

Can you put windows xp on windows me?

Yes you can. XP is the next updated OP after ME, or Windows 2000. Youll have to update some things using the windows updater, but windows XP should upgrade easy and clean.

Why did my computer become slower after upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP?

This is a common occurrence, particularly if you did not upgrade the computer beforehand. Windows XP requires more RAM and a faster processor than Windows 98.