What rappers are in gangs?

â� SIRKING -- (52 Hoover Street Crips)

â� 2nd ll None--(Elm Street Pirus)

â� 40 Cal--(TSG Thurston Street)

â� Above the Law--(Crips)

â� Afriks Bambaataa--(Black Spades)

â� Afroman--(Palmdale Crips)

â� All Frum Tha I--(Inglewood Family Bloods)

â� Bad Azz--(Insane Crips)

â� Battlecat--(Insane Crips)

â� Big Syke--(Inglewood Imperial Village Crips)

â� B G KnoccOut--(Nutty Blocc Compton Crips)

â� B-Real--(89th Street Family Blood)

â� Bloods & Crips--(Blood & Crips)

â� Boo-Ya Tribe--(West Side Pirus) (Carson Samoan Warriors)

â� Brand Nubian--(Members of 5 % Nation)

â� Brotha Lynch Hung--(Garden Blocc 24th St Crip in Sacramento) (possibly ... 24th St Gardens)

â� Brownside--(South Los Angeles - Sureños)

â� C-BO--(Garden Blocc 19th St Crip in Sacramento) (possibly ... 29th St Gardens)

â� Capone--{CLAIMING San FER and nortenos, when San FER IS x3(SouthSide) } HE ISNT FROM SAN FER, HES A pINCHE nORpUTO

â� CJ Mac--(Rollin' 20's Crips)

â� C-Miller--Felon * Murder

â� Coolio--(Corner Pocket Crips)

â� Damu Ridaz--(Denver Lane Bloods)

â� Daz Dillinger--(21st Street Crips)

â� Dirty Red-- (Rollin' 20's Crips)

â� DJ Quik--(Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods)

â� Easy-E (deceased) --(Kelly Park Crips)

â� Fabolous -- (Crips) (Black Mafia Family)

â� Gangsta Dresta--(Nutty Blocc Compton Crips)

â� Goldie Loc--(Rollin 20 Crips)

â� Glasses Malone--(Watts Crip)

â� Grand Puba--(formerly of Brand Nubian)--(5 % Nation) & (Compton Piru Bloods)

â� Hi-C--(Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods)

â� Ice-T--(Hoover Crips)

â� Ice Cube--(N-Hood Crip Rollin 60s)

â� Jayo Felony--(N-Hood Crips - San Diego)

â� J.D. of Da Lench Mob--(Crips)

â� KAM--(Crips)

â� Kausion--(Crips)

â� Kid Frost--acknowledged gang affiliation, but no specific set or Clique

â� Kokane -- (357 Pomona Crips ... possibly kellogg traccs)

â� Kurupt -- (Rollin 60s Crips)

â� Lil' C Style--(19th St Rollin' 20's Crips)

â� Lil' 1/2 Dead--Long Beach Crip

â� Lil' Easy-E--(Kelly Park Crips)

â� Lil' Nation of CPO--(Kelly Park Crips)

â� Lil' Scrappy--gd

â� Mack 10--(Inglewood Family Bloods - Queen St.)

â� Mac Dre--(Romper Room Gang)

â� Mausberg--(Campenella Park Pirus)

â� MC Eiht--Tragniew Park Crips

â� MC Ren--(Kelly Park Crips)

â� M.O.P.--(Brownsville Mash Out Posse)

â� Mr. Capone E--Sureño : vaRR1o CYCLonES X3 SGvalley (CYSx3)

â� Mr. Criminal--Sureño : SilverLake x3 Gang, Backin up vaRR1o San FER x3 WnS CL1CKa

â� Mr. Shadow--Woptown Krazies (Amici Park)

â� Nate Dogg--Rollin 20 Crips

â� New Breed of Hustlas--PJ Riverside (Crips)

â� Nortorious B.I.G.--(Drug Dealer)-(Crip)

â� N.O.R.E.--Conglomerate group of Crips (East Coast set, Harlem 30's set, Lynwood Gangsters)

â� OFTB--Bounty Hunter (Bloods)

â� Poor Righteous Teachers--(Members of 5 % Nation)

â� Ras Kass--(Bloods)

â� Richie Rich--(Atlantic Drive Crips)

â� Ruthless Records--(A Crip owned record company label)

â� Scarface--(Oakland Crips)

â� Sen-Dog-- (Blood)

â� Sinister--89th Street Family (Blood)

â� Sir Dyno--Norteño : Darkroom Familia Label

â� Slip Capone--(Long Beach Crips)

â� Snoop Doggy--(Rollin 20's Crips

â� South Central Cartel--(Hoover Crips)

â� South Park Mexican--Drug Dealer : In Prison for Rape

â� So Sentrelle--(Long Beach Crips)

â� Saigon--(East Coast Bloods)

â� Spider LOC -- (97th Street East Coast Crips)

â� Suge Knight : CEO of Death Row Records--(Compton Mob Pirus Bloods)

â� Swoop G--Insane Crips

â� Tha Dogg Pound--Crip affiliation : (Rollin 20's)

â� Tha Realist--(Compton Piru Bloods)

â� Tha Relativez--(Ingelwood Family Bloods)

â� Tha Road Dawgs--(Ingelwood Family Bloods)

â� Tech N9ne--Deuce Klik(Bloods)

â� The Dove Shack--Rollin' 20's

â� The Game-- Cedar Block Piru - 9 Tre Gangsters (Blood)

â� Tone-Loc--Southside Compton Crips

â� Top Dogg--(Compton Piru Bloods)

â� Tweedy Bird Loc--Kelly Park Crips

â� Tray Deee--(Insane Crips)

â� Tupac Shakur R.I.P.-- Backed up bloods, due to a deal with suge : (Thug Life)

â� Twinz-- (Rollin' 20's)

â� Twista-- (Vice Lords)

â� X-Raided--(Garden Blocc 24th St Crip in Sacramento)

â� Young Jeezy-- (WSGC 124 Crips) (Black Mafia Family)

â� W.C.--(111 Neighborhood Crips)

â� Warren G--Rollin' 20's Crip

â� Watts Gangsters--(Crips)

The kid who put this answer before i editted it is stupid

50 ain't no gangster.

2pac was not a blood or a crip.

Eminem is not in a gang D12 Is a rap group like DPG. 8 Mile is a Neighboorhood. And Bloods are not in detroit.

Scarface is a GD

Geto Boyz: GD

Juelz Santana: Blood

Cam'Ron: Blood- Pink Panther Dipset payed to be in bloods

Jim Jones: Blood

Yo Gotti: Vice Lord

Cassidy: Blood

Waka Flaka Flame: Blood

Ludacris: Never in a gang

Kanye West: Non of ROC are in a gang

BridMan: CMB Blood

Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics) : Vice Lord

Derek Rose ( Chicago Bulls) : Vice Lord

Young Jeezy: Hes a blood not a crip.

TI is not a Vice Lord he is eaither a Black P. Stone or a Black Diciple

^This is stupid. Eminem isn't in any gang. Bloods arent in Detroit and 8 mile is a neighborhood and D12 is a rap group. CMB is a record label. BMF has nothing to do with Crips. Kanye is from the suburbs. And I dont know about TI. And wtf does Camron Pink Panther mean?

The answer was made by a 12 year old kid who thinks every rapper is in gangs.