Gangs and Gangsters

Gangsters, also known as mobsters, are criminals that participate in gangs or gang related activities. Some gangs are very loosely organized, but others are highly organized and efficient. They are recognized by federal governments as crime syndicates. Some well known gangs are the Yakuza, Hells Angels, and the Mafia. Keep in mind, does not support questions about how to commit illegal activities, such as how to join a gang.

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Gangs and Gangsters

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Gangs and Gangsters

What is the Yakuza?

A Japanese criminal gang (sometimes referred to as the Japanese Mafia) that are identified by certain tattoos, usually of dragons. The name comes from the Japanese words for a really unlucky hand of cards.

In some cases gang-members can be distinguished by an intentional disfigurement or dismemberment (e.g.: missing body parts - portions of fingers - etc).

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Gangs and Gangsters

What is net banging?

Netbanging Is Basically People Who Are In Mostly Fake Gangs Or Sets Or Clicks Or Whatever. Most Of The Netbangers Choose Real Gangs Like: Piru, Crips, Latin King, MS-13, Sureno, And Mafias. But Most Of The People That Rep Or Are Supposovly In The Gang Are Fake. Real Gangs Don't Fight On The Internet. But Basically It's People That Gang Bang Online. A Place To See That Would Be Alot Of Netbangers There. Or Possobly teen Not Sure But Yup That's Basically It.

Gangs and Gangsters

Is Ne-yo a gang banger?

yes he i she has a very big DICK(COCK)

Gangs and Gangsters

Do gangs exist in Australia?


King David
Gangs and Gangsters

What effect has the Latin King Gang had on the Humbolt Park community?

The Latin Kings have a huge effect on the Humbolt Park area. Even bigger than most people would like to believe. The fact that they rule that area and control it show how powerful they are against the law. They can make anyone living in that area not talk. If the people are scared of being in danger because they are threatened by the Latin Kings and Queens, that is a problem because the law cannot give them the protection that others can.

Gangs and Gangsters

What are the ranks of Trill Gangster's?

Although none the less not many people have heard of TG(Trill Gangsta's) it is a gang. The people in these gangs are called T.G Bloods. They are just like 93rd or paru. The foot soldiers are actually treated with wat seams to be disrespect but is actually tough-love. with their missions they are given the dirty work of other higher ranking member's(Light Work). Such as take care of (fight) a lower ranking crab.These members must complete only 1 mission to exceed to the next rank. This task is to fight 3 crabs who are not O.G's. 2-3 MONTHS IN - TG JUNIOR SOLDIERThese higher ranked member's can acquire the ability to pass beef's with other gang's dat are not blood to a lower ranking member. For example if a T.G Soldier get beef with a crab that is not an O.G can tell a Foot Soldier to fight him instead. There are other missions for Junior Soldiers to do that are more advanced than Foot Soldiers. I would tell you the rest of missions but i cannot because that is against or code but i can tell you the rest of the ranks. 4-6 MONTHS IN - TG THUG SOLDIER 7-9 MONTHS IN - TG KILLAH 10 12 MONTHS IN - TG LOC 14-17 MONTHS IN - TRILL GANGSTAZ O.G

El Paso
Gangs and Gangsters

What are the gangs in El Paso Texas?

Varrio Indio Viejo (V.I.V or Los Tiguas)-Ysleta is home of V.i.V but is all over El Paso /Lower Valley/ San Eli/ Socorro/ Fabiens/ Clint/ Central 5 Points area/ Austin/ Mexico /Az

North Side Locos XiV

Puro Barraca Town (PBT) Ysleta Lower Valley

Crazy Rascals Gang Ysleta/Valley/San Eli/ Socorro/

Barrio Meadow Trece (B.M.T OR V.M.T)-<----(Lil' Bitches)


Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation (ALKQN)

Nasty Boy Gangsters (N.B.G)-Lower Valley

One Nation Alone (O.N.A)- All over El Paso

Kennedy's-Lower Valley

Segundo Barrio-Central/Downtown

ThunderBirds (T-Birds)-Central

Los Fatherless-Lower Valley

Moon City Locos (M.C.L)-Lower Valley

Barrio Canuto Rifa (B.C.R)-Canutillo

WestSide X3 (W.S.T)-WestSide

Los Jackie's-WestSide

Reyes Del Varrio (R.D.V)-Lower Valley

Varrio North East (V.N.E)-North East

South Side Locos (S.S.L)- south side

Calavera-Lower Valley/Socorro

Sherman-Lower Valley

Varrio Glenwood Street (V.G.S)-Lower Valley

Hueco Street Norteños-Lower Valley/Central


Gatos Locos-Lower Valley/Juaritos

The Brown Dawgs X3 (T.B.D X3)- valley

De Anapra Territory (D.A.T)-Controls all of Sunland Park & La Union

Gangs and Gangsters

What is the term that means you hire only family?


Puerto Rico
Gangs and Gangsters

Nicky Cruz nickname called by his mother?

what was nicky cruz nickname

Gangs and Gangsters

Why are gangs such a big problem?

I was related to a gang member so I know why they are a big problem. Robberies, drug dealing, harassment, and killing are the main reasons gangs are a problem. Gangs make alot of money selling drugs. Drugs is their main source of income. The main person behind the scenes has access to thousand of dollars worth of drugs, and they distribute these drugs to various people in the gang to sell to make money for the gang. alot of drug dealers in gangs are teenagers. The gang uses the money they make to buy guns or bail gang members out. The guns they obtain are usually bought off the streets and have been used by other people in prior crimes. The way it works is that the cops no longer need the guns that they had as evidence, so they get rid of them. And those guns end up back on the streets. That allows gang members to buy these guns from whoever is selling them. Robberies are a problem because a lot of these home invasion robberies are committed by gang members and it sometimes results in someone who is home at the time of the robbery to accidentally be murdered by the gang member committing the robbery. Other robberies include stealing cars. They steal cars as part of a gang initiation. Once someone has been initiated into the gang they have to prove themselves by stealing vehicles. People robberies is also common. The gang members will often frequent places like parks where they can rob people at gun or knife point. They will often do this at night rather than daylight to avoid being noticed by possible witnesses. Cab driver robberies are also common. Some of the gang members will call taxis and then rob them at gun or knife point. This has also resulted in cab drivers being murdered. They get murdered because they refuse to hand over the money. Harassment is also a problem. gang members including girls in gangs will harass individuals especially ones they know are related to rival gang members or people who are wearing the wrong colors. So for example, if you're in a neighborhood where there are gang members who wear black and blue or just blue, and you're wearing red they might think you are in a rival gang and attempt to harass you. They might harrass you if you are of another nationality and don't live in the neighborhood. If they know you are related to a rival gang member, and you live in their neighborhood they will harass you when ever they see you. It could even result in you getting murdered. Killing is also a big problem. There are many reasons gang members kill. 1. They might kill people related to rival gang members. 2. They kill drug addicts or any individual who owes them money and hasn't paid. If you don't pay the gang members they will find out where you live and your phone number. They will harass you about paying them the money you owe. If they know you can't come up with the money they will kill you. 3. They kill any person who claims to be related to a gang member and isn't and people who claim to be members of their gang and aren't, and they kill anyone who snitches 100% on gang members. If you say you are related to a gang member, and they find out you aren't, you could get killed. If you claim to be a member of their gang, and they know you aren't you could get killed. I went to school with a kid in 1991 who snitched on 26 gang members and got killed. 4. They sometimes kill an innocent person by mistake. They will be looking for certain individuals and might come across a person who looks like the individual they are looking for, and they will end up killing that person instead of the person they were actually looking for because they believe they found the person they were looking for. There have been incidents where they try to kill kids related to rival gang members and kill the wrong kid because they look like the kid they were looking for. Another problem that is minor is people related to gang members. I have found that some people related to gang members think they have the right to tell individuals if they want to get killed. They act as if the gang members they are related to are gonna go and kill anyone for them which is not true. I had one guy as I was walking down the street ask me if I wanted to get killed. My cousins Ex-Boyfriend has a bad attitude and once told me If I wanted to get killed. If someone you don't know or just met tells you do you want to get killed most likely they are related to gang members and think they have the right to threaten peoples lives. I heard of one guy who would harass people because his cousin was a gang member, and then when these people he harassed would answer him back, he would tell them he was gonna get his cousin to kill them. His cousin found out what he was doing and got mad at him. In reality, even thought gang members kill, alot of these gang members say they feel guilty about taking lives. They don't really want to take lives and regret it in life. Yet, some of their relatives just think they are gonna go and blast anyone with a gun.

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Gangs and Gangsters

What did Chester Joie do?

He was a gangster.

Gangs and Gangsters

Where is Polly Hamilton the girlfriend of John Dillinger buried?

Somewhere in Chicago, it seems. Check this link for info on Ms Hamilton. Just found out that Edythe Black, formerly Rita "Polly" Hamilton Keele, was cremated at Elm Lawn Cemetery in Elmhurst.

Gangs and Gangsters

Were there gangsters in Chicago in 1915?

Yes. But probably not with intentions of hurting your grandmother unless they were probably worried of getting caught in some cross fire. But there was a ruthless gang called the black hands in 1915. In fact there was a news article from the "Daily News" at that time that came out on May 25th 1915 which said that in the first 93 days of that year 55 bombs had been exploded in the Italian district. It was said that not one of them had been set off for any other reason other than the extraction of blackmail. It is rumored that the black hands were immigrant Sicilians but no evidence was ever obtained to connect them. Chicago at that time definitely had its share of gangsters, criminals, madams, and crooked politicians. Around this time the Chicago Italian Mob Boss was Big Jim Colosimo who was succeeded by his New York born bodygaurd and underboss Al Capone. Capone eventually took out (killed) his boss Big Jim to take advantage of the lucritve bootlegging, gambling, and prostitution business. That's just a little history to go along with it, but your grandmother probably feared the mysterious and ruthless blackhand gang at that very point in time.



Gangs and Gangsters

What is a female vice lord called?

A female Vice Lord is called a Vice Lady.

History of Ireland
Gangs and Gangsters

Who was the Lavander Hill Gang?

I think that you have got the wrong country. The Lavender Hill Mob is a film represents the golden age of British comedy, and it's still delightfully entertaining I am not sure if the film is based on fact. The Lavender Hill mob may be British, but in fact Lavender Hill is situated in Clapham Junction, one of South London's part-Irish ghettos. Who were they? Alec Guinness, Peter Sellars, Sidney James, a famous fat dude, a famous thin dude and wossisname who plays Inspector Dreyfuss, and anothe geyser too.

Gangs and Gangsters

What is the blood gang chant?

su.wooo or blattt

Gangs and Gangsters

What is IGD?

Alotta people think I.G.D is a gang let me clear things up we are not a gang we are a nation apart of folk nation to be exact I'm getting tired of hearing people calln us a gang and sayn we are bad people we are notbad people we just do what we have to do to survive.

Gangs and Gangsters

Have you heard about the gang colonia chiques?

yes la colonia chiques or co,cox3ch is a big gang in oxnard the name came from the street name colonia rd it has colonia in la just look on youtube

Gangs and Gangsters

Why people join gangs for protection?

Cause they dont want to get killed.

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Gangs and Gangsters

Where can you find the downloadable mp3 of Starwarz Gangster Rap?

also try atomfilms.comAnswer

Go to they have it you can also download it

Gangs and Gangsters

Who is bloodhound gangstaz?

-A well armed street gang in eastside NEW ORLEANS,LA

which is constantly involved in the most dangerous situations

Mally G/mally Gangster appears to be the leader of this orginization. witch various members to be in command,they are rapidly growing each month

The red-themed Blood Hound MySpace page features pictures of its members flashing guns and pistol handles as part of their poses


Gangs and Gangsters

How do you disrespect folk nation?

Folk Nation is defunct

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Gangs and Gangsters

Where can you find Welcome Back Kotter videos?

You can find it at Here is the link

Al Capone
Gangs and Gangsters

Did Al Capone have a house in Fontana CA?

Yes, it has a "C" on the chimney 8775 Tamarind Ave. Fontana, CA 92335


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