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Q: What ray ban aviators have the small lenses?
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What kind of glasses does Ringo Starr wear?

He wears Ray Ban Aviators with gradient lenses.

Can you put your regular clear prescription lenses in ray ban sunglasses?

can, but not original lens from ray ban .... ray ban have not do prescription lenses ...

What kind of aviators does Zack Efron wear in 17 Again?

Ray Ban 3025 aviators

What aviator sunglasses does the rapper TI wear?

Ray-Ban Aviators

What brand of sunglasses does Lincoln burrows wear in prison break?

Ray Ban Aviators

What are crystallens lenses on ray-ban sunglasses?

Crystallens lenses on Ray-Ban sunglasses are optical devices. These transmit and refracts light which converges and diverges the beam.

Where to buy ray ban sunglasses?

A great place to look for Ray Ban sunglasses is on line. You can find a great selection including Ray Ban aviators, wayfarer sunglasses and Ray Ban caravan. It just takes a bit of searching for the right price to suit you.

What are ray ban crystal green lenses?

ray bans are sunglasses. the lenses of "crystal green ray bans" are probably "crystal green", the color

What are the sunglasses 'Jeff Winger' wears in the TV show 'Community'?

They are Ray Ban Aviators, probably the 3025.

What is ray ban L0207?

L0207 is a Ray-Ban colour code and is a Gold frame with Crystal Gray lenses. It's a colour code that refers to Ray-Ban model RB3044.

Is the code for ray ban aviators rb 1103 58 16-135 a real code?

"I don't think so. Because my sunglasses have the same code :D" ok easy answer No. The code for aviators is 3025 the rest of what you have written is the size "58 16-135" I have a mate with a pair of fake aviators with 1103 number and they are a very poor copy. The white ray-ban logo was totally wrong the left lens had the normal rb logo but the frames said made in the usa. ray-bans were only made in the US when the lenses had BL marked on them, for Bosch and Lomb. In 2000 ish it all changed and Luxottica put RB on the left lenses, and manufacturing of all models was moved to Italy

What are GPL lenses are they polarized?

In reference to Ray-Ban sunglasses, their GPL lenses are polarized. The GPL stands for Glass Polarized Lens.

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