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What re valence electrons?


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Valence electrons are electrons in the outermost ring of an atom.


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Valence means outer-most.Valence electrons are the elctrons that are furthest from the nucleus (outermost electrons).Valence shell is the outer-most shell.Valence electrons are located in the valence shell.

Iodine has 7 valence electrons.

There are 2 valence electrons in Radium. There are 2 valence electrons in Radium.

12 valence electronsB has 3 valence electronsH has 1 valence electronb2 has 6 valence electronsH6 has 6 valence electrons=12 total.

The electrons in the outermost shell/orbit are the valence electrons

it has 3 valence electrons

valence electrons in carbon

By gaining 3 electrons, an atom with 5 valence electrons will achieve a full set (8 valence electrons).

C = 4 valence electrons total H = 1 x 3 = 3 valence electrons total Cl = 7 valence electrons total Total Valence electrons: 14

Yes, krypton has eight valence electrons.

valence electrons are the electrons on the outer-most shell of electrons

There are 2 valence electrons in an atom of magnesium. There are 5 valence electrons that are in an atom of phosphorus. There are 4 valence electrons that are in a silicon atom.

They will gain 3 electrons from something with 3 valence electrons.

Valence electrons are the electrons on the outer shell of an atom.

The electrons farthest away from the nucleus are the valence electrons of an atom.

Group 1 - 1 valence electron Group 2 - 2 valence electrons Group 13 - 3 valence electrons Group 14 - 4 valence electrons Group 15 - 5 valence electrons Group 16 - 6 valence electrons Group 17 - 7 valence electrons Group 18 - 8 valence electrons Groups 3 - 12 technically have 2 valence electrons, but will also use d sublevel electrons as valence electrons as well. So their number of valence electrons vary (even for the same element) and require some memorization.

Sulfur has six valence electrons.

Radium has two valence electrons.

it has 3 valence electrons. :)

Carbon has 4 valence electrons.

There are 8 Valence Electrons.

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