What real magic tricks are used in the movie the illusionist?

Well, that depends on what you mean by your question. If you mean 'Were the Illusions performed by Edward Norton real, and actually performed by Edward Norton?" Then the answer is No. If you mean, 'Were the illusions displayed in the movie, actual illusions, performed by real illusionists at one time or another?" Then the answer is Yes. The "Orange Tree illusion" was invented by a french magician Robert Houdin. And was used to with great success in the 1800's. Including the "butterfly" ending. Briefly, Edward Norton is seen to be performing Braue Dekolta's, Dekolta Chair, as well. Which is an illusion still being performed today. As far as the mirror illusion, I'm not quite sure if an illusion was performed that was similar to that. Towards the end of the movie where the "Spirits" appear... That was actually performed in the 1800's as "Pepper's Ghost" Actually invented by Henry Dircks in 1862. Hope that answers your question.