What realm does Hercules come from?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What realm does Hercules come from?
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How do you get to the underwater realm of posiedon in poptropica?

you get Hercules to come with you.

How can you get in Poseidon's kingdom in poptropica?

Once Hercules helps you, use Aphrodite's mirror to go to Posidon's realm. Hercules will smash the rocks guarding Posidon's realm.

How do you get to the realm of persidon in poptropica?

Wait until Hercules helps you.

How do you get in the area that is blocked off in posiedon's realm in poptropica?

You need to get Hercules to come with you and stomp on the rock to crumble it. To get him to come with you, you need to collect all the sacred items (See related answer) and then talk to Athena. After Zeus comes down and steals them from you, go talk to Hercules.(If you do not have the touchscreen mirror, go back to Poseidon's beach and pass Aphrodite's test before continuing)If you do have the touchscreen mirror at this point, talk to Hercules and then he will agree to come with you. Go to the rock in Poseidon's realm and he will crumble it for you.

What did Hercules do to hades?

Hades often aided Hercules in Greek mythology; allowing Hercules to take Cerberus, and to take two people from the realm and up to earth.

Where is Poseidon on Poptropica?

you don't meet him. sorry. he is in his realm underwater. when you have Hercules on your side he brakes the rock and you go to Poseidon's realm

How do you get into Hade's realm on Mythology Island?

hercules will help u to push the big rock that blocking the door to hades realm,u can just convice hercules when you complete the things that u nid to bring to zeus!!

Who brought Cerebeus out of Tartarus?

Hercules brought Cerberus out of the Underworld, the realm of Hades.

Where was Heracles' realm?

Hercules or Heracles was an ancient Greek hero. He lived in Thebes.

How do you open the throne rooms on mythology island?

Once Zeus has taken the five sacred items, Hercules will agree to help you. You will need the mirror from Aphrodite in the realm of Poseidon. Hercules doesn't like to walk far. In Poseidon's realm, Hercules will kick away the large rock so you can reach Poseidon's throne. When you have the Trident, go with Hercules to the realm of Hades, where he will move the huge boulder. Once you have the Hades Crown, transport back to the Olympus gate and Hercules will smash open the lock. (see related question)

How do you move rock in hades realm?

u have to get afrodite's magical mirror and find Hercules to come and push the rock out of the way. the u just walk through the door and see hades.

Is Hades aligned with any greek hero?

Hades and Hercules had a complicated relationship; but Hades seemed to favor Hercules, for he allowed the taking of Perseus and Cerberus from his realm by Hades.