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Oil and raw materials.


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reasons for using customer service policies

The Ming Dynasty ended due to Mongolian wars, Japanese raids, factions in the government, excessive taxes, bad economic policies.

List some reasons why Japanese immigrated to America

Bamboo is not just a Japanese thing. There are many reasons that ethniticies use bamboo. Japanese and other Asian people are just more likely to use it for reasons in their culture.

Around 300 whales are taken by the Japanese for 'scientific reasons'.

only slightly. preparing for the war was just one of many reasons for Hitler's economic policies.

In the colonies of the United States there was no education for slaves. It was against the law to teach them to read and there was no resistance to these policies.

There are a number of reasons, but some simple ones are that Japanese food is generally tasty and healthy.

The reasons for using a hotel's customer service policy is to hold a hotel accountable for the care promised to the guest. The policies are written as terms and commitments to the customer to ensure the experience is positive during the stay.

The Japanese immigrated to America for a couple was getting crowded in japanthere was no political freedom in japanmore land to farm in Americabetter paying job opportunities

They put Japanese Americans in internment camps in fear that they were Japanese spies. Im sure there are more reasons but that was the main one.

The people from Japan came for better life?

To speak to a whole new country of people.

Laissez-faire economic policies helped fuel the industrial revolution. Later these policies were changed for social reasons. Most of today's prosperous nations have a free market economy with government supervision.

A Japanese government official wrote an official justification for their expansionism in Manchuria. *Note how the official defends his government's policies. There are 3 doors for Japan to escape the burden that had been put on them due to their increase of population: Namely emigration, advance into world markets, and expansion of territory. The first door, emigration, had been blocked by westerns who had by the anti-Japanese immigration policies of other countries. The second door, advance into world markets, is also blocked because of large taxes put on Japanese goods as well as unequal treaties that always serves barbarians rather than the Japanese. So, it is quite natural that Japan should rush upon the last remaining door. (This is a summary, not C/P. It's paraphrased from 'A Justification of Japanese Expansionism', which is an excerpt from 'Sources of the Japanese Tradition'.)

Economics and the effect of one communitys policies on neighbor communities! :)

the japanese were discriminated because they were really good workers and took away the chances of an american getting the job

It was, and is still held for various reasons: celebrations, a chance to get together with friends, and all the other reasons why people get together.

1. Malay rulers who were residents of the Japanese occupation were accused of collaboration with the Japanese. 2. the Malay rulers were threatened with dethronement.

During World War II, the Battle of Midway (in June 1942) impacted the United States and its policies in a dramatic way: it provided a decisive 'check' upon the offensive actions of Imperial Japan while also dealing the Japanese Navy a defeat from which it never recovered. For these reasons, this battle may be said to have had a direct effect upon the continued survival of the United States as a whole.

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