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Curio and Duke are characters in the play Twelfth Night. The recreation that Curio asks the Duke about is hunting.

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What is an example of a pun in Twelfth Night scene 1?

In Act 1, Scene 1, lines 16-19."Curio: Will you go hunt, my lord?Duke Orsino: What, Curio?Curio: The hart.Duke Orsino: Why, so I do, the noblest that I have..."Duke Orsino was making a pun on the words, "hart" and "heart". A hart is a male deer, and when Curio asked Orsino about the hart, Orsino replied, but speaking of his heart (rather than hart), saying he has the noblest heart.

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What are the characters in the night garden?

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What is the name for the bone shaped like a butterfly?

curio n curio [ˈkjuəriəu] an article valued for its oddness or its rareness.

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