What region did the Pawnees live in?

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Where did the pawnees live?

i dont know but i want to

What did the pawnees live in?

The Pawnee lived in earthen lodges.

What did the pawnees wear?

pawnees wore buffalo skin

What was the pawnees religon?

the pawnees belived there was a morning star

What region do you live in name the region?

You live in the coastal plain region.

What soil region do we live in?

the soil region that we live in is the Northeast

What sub-region and region do you live in?

i live in russa

What region do you live in if you live in florida?

Its called the Intrastate region...

What region do the coahuiltecans live in?

they live in the coastal plains region

Who are the Powhatan?

Pawnees are native Americans that have different tribes.

What tools did the pawnees use?

They used buffalo bones

What region do the Tagalogs live?

Regions where Tagalogs live: Southern Tagalog Region , National Capital Region

What is the population of the pawnees?

As of 2010, there are around 3200 Pawnee Indians

In what region did the Inuit live in?

they live in the north east he/she said region. north east is not a region this is not an answer its an comment

What region did the Inuit Indians live in?

Arctic Region

In what region do the Paiute live in?

The Great Basin region

What region did the Inuit live in?

They lived in the northeast region.

What region did the yuma tribe live in?

southwest region

What region did the mohave tribe live in?

in the desert region

What region did nez perce live?

northwest region

What region do the Miwok live in?

what region does the miwok lives in

Do the tahitians live in the region called polynesia?

It is true. Tahitians do live in a region called Polynesia!

Do polar bears live in the Arctic region?

yes polar bears live in the arctic region

What region did the Seminole live in?

They live in Florida.

What region did the Cherokee live in?

southeat region, Mississippi area