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What religion believes in god?

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If you are referring to the God described in The Bible, He is worshiped by the people of three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Is there a religion that believes that God is Time?

No, There is no religion who believes God is time.

What religion is Micheal Buble?

he believes in god and he believes that god is the one and only god

What is religion theistic?

A theistic religion is one that believes in one or more Gods. A monotheistic religion, like Christianity or Islam, believes in one God. A polytheistic religion, like Hinduism, believes in many Gods. A theist describes a person who believes in a God or many Gods. The opposite would be an atheist, who does not believe in God.

What religion is Talyor Launter?

He believes in god

What is it called when you have no religion?

Atheist believes in No God.

A religion that believes inany gods is what type of religion?

It is a polytheistic religion. If a religion believes in one God, they are monotheistic. (Christianity, Islam, Judaism are monotheistic)

What do you call a person who believes in god?

A person of faith, a believer. I think that is what he can be called no matter which religion or God he believes in.

What religion believes god is infinite?

There may be more than one, but Christianity believes that God is an infinite being.

What is Mariska Hargitay's religion?

She believes in God and Jesus!

What do you call a religion that believes in one god?


Is messi an antichrit?

no, he is someone who believes in god but has no religion

What is a person who believes in god but not in religion?


What religion is a form of monotheism?

any religion that believes in one god is monotheistic

What is a religion that believes in more than one god?

a polytheistic religion, or a polytheism

Is it the will of GOD for women to wear earrings?

It depends on what your religion believes in. If your religion believes the will of God is for you to wear ear rings, then it is best you follow do so, in my opinion. If it isn't, then I wouldn't.

Is Judaism a religion that believe in only one God?

Yes, Judaism is a Monotheistic religion, as in it believes in one God.

What are the three categories in religion?

Theistic - believes in a God or gods Agnostic - does not believe it possible to know if there is a god (or gods) Atheistic - believes there is no god or gods.

What major religion believes Jesus is the son of God?

Christianity believes Jesus is God's Son.

What religion is Edward Cullen?

I Dont Think He Has A Religion But He Believes There Is A God, Heaven and Hell.

What is Michael Phelps' religion?

He has never said what religion he is, but he has indicated that he believes in God.

What is the religion of Stevie nicks?

She believes in God...but does not follow any organized religion. She is NOT a witch.

What is a person who doesn't believe in religion but believes in God?

A Realist, some one who believes somebody created the world BUT doesn't need to be worshipped for it.

What religion believes Jesus was God only?

They are called christians.

What religion believes in more than one god?


What is somebody called who believes in god but not religion?

You're an Agnostic