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Q: What religion did Leif Erikson practice before Christianity?
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What religion did Jesus practice before Christianity?

Jesus was a practicing Jew.

What was Constantines religion before he converted to Christianity?


How long did the Assyrians practice Christianity?

Assyrians practiced Christianity as early as 1900 years ago, but Christianity competed with the historic Assyrian polytheistic religion for another 300-400 years before becoming the dominant religion of the Assyrian people.

What was the religion of the Philippines before Christianity?


What was Constantine's religion before Christianity?

Constantine's religion before his fabled conversion to Christianity was that of the Romans. Worshipping the emperor as a god and all that good stuff.

What religion was practiced in panama before Christianity?


Christianity before its formation as religion?

offshoot of judaism

Who does Denmark prays?

The danish state religion is christianity, and though most danes (around 85%) have been christened a majority don't practice christianity and are only christian by tradition. Before christianity danes believed in the Asa faith.

What was the religion of the Rome in the Beginning and was it the same before Rome fell?

the Romans religion was Christianity

What was the religion in panama before Christianity?

Native American Religions...............

What were the religion in rome before Christianity?

I believe they were mostly pagans.

What was the main religion of Virginia before 1775?

Protestant Christianity

What religion was practiced before Christianity?

Most religions in the world today existed before Christianity. Islam is a "younger" religion. Many pagan and polytheistic religions were replaced by monotheistic religions.

What was the main religion of Scandinavian countries?

Before Christianity, it was Norse paganism.

What was the Roman religion before Christianity?

Greco-Roman Paganism/Polytheism.

What was the Romans' religion before Christianity?

Greco-Roman Paganism/Polytheism.

What two monotheistic religion were practiced before Islam?

Judaism and Christianity.

Which country claims to have been the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion?

Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as the state religion. King Tiridates III made Christianity the state religion in 301 CE, even before Christianity was officially tolerated by the Roman Empire.

Was Judaism the first christian religion?

Judaism existed for many centuries before Christianity, and Christianity borrowed heavily from it.

What religion were the ancient Romans other than Christian?

Before Christianity, they were pagan.

What is the third oldest religion?

The third oldest major contemporary religion is Christianity (before Jesus was born there was Hinduism and judaism)

What was the Jewish people's religion before the Holocaust?

* Most were adherents (followers) of Judaism. * Some had no religion. * Some were converts to Christianity.

What was Vladimir's religion before converting to Christianity?

HeathenismBefore converting to Christianity, Vladimir was considered a heathen (one who adheres to the religion of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam; such persons considered as a group; the unconverted).

What was Rome's official religion?

Rome's official religion was Christianity after 380 AD. Before this time there was no "official" religion as Rome was tolerant of all beliefs.

Was Christianity the first religion?

No. Christianity stemmed from Judaism, but it did not become an actual religion until after the ascension of Jesus around 34 AD, and there were many other religious beliefs before that point.