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Most people in the US who profess any religion profess to be Christians. There are many denominations of Christianity in the US.

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Q: What religion do most people in the US practice?
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How many different religions are there in the US?

People are free to practice any religion they wish, or not practice any if they prefer. Most of Americans who practice a religion are Christians, but all other religions can be practiced if the person wished to.

Which religion is most widely practice in the US?

a good guess is christianity

What religion do Bosnians practice?

Most of us practice the Islamic religion... 52% of us are Muslims such as myself, 40% Orthodox and 8% other including Jewish and Catholic

What religion are most people in the US?

Most people who live in the US believe in Christ

What religion does US practice?

The USA has no state religion but most of the country worships Jesus in one way, shape or form.

Why does the US have so many religions?

It's hard for a US citizen to see how the question makes sense. There are many religions practiced in the US (along with many people who practice no religion at all) because those religions exist. Anyone is free to practice religion in the US as he/she sees fit, as long as the civil law is not violated. There is no state religion here, and no requirement to practice a religion. Freedom of religion is one of the issues that led to the existence of the US in the first place.So, in a sense, it is not "the US" that has many religions; in terms of the civil law, enshrined in the Constitution, the US has no religion in particular. It is the citizens of the US who are free to practice whatever religion they choose.

What was the purpose of the Mayflower voyage?

the people on the mayflower - the pilgrims came to US to be able to practice their religion freely.

What is New Jerseys religion today?

The people of New Jersey, like the rest of the US, practice many religions.

What religion do most people in US worship?

Most still claim to be some sect of Christianity.

Why did the piligrims come to the us?

To practice their religion without fear of persecution.

Which of these would be the MOST accurate example of an unalienable right of a US citizen according to the Bill of Rights?

freedom to practice any or no religion

Why did people from England leave England for US in 1800s?

To no longer be bound to the divine rights of the king and freely practice their own religion.

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