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Q: What religion is jannah from?
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When was Jannah Burnham born?

Jannah Burnham's birth name is Jannah Lynn Burnham.

How many levels are there in jannah?

there is 8 levels in jannah

What is the place when Allah reveals Himself in Jannah?

In Jannah

When was Denise Jannah born?

Denise Jannah was born in 1956.

When a child in Hindu family dies Will he enter into jannah When he has no chance to commit shirk?

Different religious different beliefs, yes a child is a blessings from the God, a child who come from birth from mother womb sure don't have religion till the parents make them follow it and later on when they grow up they can choose the right one, but in the case if a child dead he will sure get enter in heaven (jannah) even its any religion as God comes first and he is only one. So he will enter into jannah...thats for sure ....

What would you do in jannah?

Jannah is paradise, so I could wish for anything, and it would come true.

Who is mohammed bashar from toyor al jannah?

mohammed bashar is a singer on toyor al jannah

What has the author Roudhotul Jannah written?

Roudhotul Jannah has written: 'Media elektronik, afiliasi kelompok, dan gaya hidup hedonisme'

What exactly is Jannah and why should I work to attain it?

Jannah is a word in Arabic it is like a place after you die and if you are a good person you go there it is heaven that's what it means.You should do what your religion does like if you are christian you have to do what the bible says and if you are Muslim you should do what Quran says and if you are Judaism do what Jews believe in and if you are Hinduism do what Hindus believe in and if you Buddhism do what Buddhism believe in and so on!

What is jannah?

Jannah is the abode which Allah has prepared for those who believe in him, work according His commands, follow His Messenger"s Sunnah and do good to others.

What is angel ridwan job?

He guards Jannah.

Who will go to the Jannah?

by being good to god