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What religions do not celebrate Christmas?

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Christians do celebrate Christmas




Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian denomination that does not celebrate Christmas.

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A few religions around the world do not celebrate Christmas such as the Muslims or the Jews. Jehovah's Witnesses among others also do not celebrate Christmas .

Jewish don't celebrate Christmas they celebrate Hauncha

Religions (plural) do not celebrate Christmas. A religion (singular) does. Christianity. The accepted day is 25th December.

Those that are Christian celebrate Christmas and those of other religions do not celebrate it.

Other religions don't celebrate Christmas. However, some people from other religion might exchange gifts etc, just because they like to. # They do not celebrate christmas

other religions don't celebrate christmas. however, some people from other religions might exchange gifts, just because they like to.

No,different religions celebrate different holidays.for example Jehova's Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas.

no, for example Muslims do not celebrate it... no, for example Muslims do not celebrate it...

Christmas is basically a Christian holiday: the celebration of Christ's birth. So, I would expect non-Christian religions not to celebrate it (they have their own holidays).

One religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas is Judaism.

Most people just celebrate Christmas anyways.

It depend if there christian or not because christians celebrate Christmas but other religions do not.

Where was the first Christmas celebrated?Who celebrated the first Christmas?In what country was the first Christmas celebrated?Why do people put lights on their Christmas trees and houses at Christmas?Why do people put up Christmas trees?What is considered as the Christmas season?Are there any religions that do not celebrate Christmas?What religions do not celebrate Christmas?

Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhists, some atheists and agnostics do not celebrate Christmas.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, who is seen as the Messiah in Christianity. Christians are the only religion that see Jesus as the Messiah, therefore, they are the only religion that does celebrate Christmas. All other religions that are not Christian or do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah do not celebrate Christmas.

Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It is not a Christian nation like the United States. There are many religions in the world and not all celebrate Christmas.

Most of the christian religions celebrate Christmas in Spain.

roman catholics, protestants, and jews

Anyone who does not choose to celebrate Christmas does not celebrate it. It is a Christian holiday that originally came from a Pagan celebration, although many people that are not religious still celebrate it. However, people that follow other religions do not.

i think its more of a matter of who doesn't celebrate Christmas instead of where. Christmas is a religious holiday so its more based on the different religions. Jews for example don't celebrate Christmas so areas where people are Jewish would be as "christmasy".

because different people have different religions

No. Not even all Christian religions celebrate Christmas. It's a very popular holiday, but definitely not one that everyone agrees with.

Same as most Christian religions, celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas! catholicism is one of the main religions in Italy.

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