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All religions of God teach gooddeeds and their messengers practised them as well and were to be taken as an example. The people dedicated themselves to fighting for good and this is the reason we still remember them thousands of years after they have passed away from this world.

It is later people who have distorted religion to make it more about a way of improving just oneself or ones immediate community. However that is one aspect of religion and there is much more. Community too is one aspect of religion but so is ones entire faith and most religions have a concept of mankind as a whole. i.e. when a person of one religion feels no moral obligations to one of another that too is against his own religion since many examples of the messengers indicate a respect for all people (those that belonged to the religion and those outside it as well).

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What can tribalreligions teach you?

tribal religions can teach you about other religions

Do all religions teach the same about how to behave in life?

Mainly but some religions teach the same but in different ways.

What other religions teach about forgiveness?

Many religions teach about forgiveness. It lies in many doctrines for each religion.

What do Hinduism Buddhism Judaism Christianity and Islam have in common?

Hinduism, Buddhism Islam, Judaism and Christianity all teach good things and to do good acts and also teach the code of conduct. All these religions tell you to behave in a specific manner. All these religions teach in worshiping a creator. These religions teach that there is a power above them who created the whole universe and that life is a test. All these religions teach equality and brotherhood.

What people do to get good karma?

you preform good deads; the good karma you recieve will more than likely not be in physical form.

Does Wizard 101 teach kids about alternate religions?

No, it is just a fun game to play around with, it is not supposed to teach kids about different religions

What does catholic Christianity teach?

The same type of crap ALL religions teach

What religion beieves that humans are good not bad?

Most religions teach that humans have the capacity to be good but have an inborn inclination to do bad through desires that are sinful or fleshly. Religions vary on the best way to fight these inclinations.

Does the koran teach killing people of other religions?

Qura'n does not teach killing people of the other religions. Refer to related links below for more information.

Are cats ever the good guy?

Well it's hard to say but there is bound to be a cartoon that has cats doing good deads.

What does the Christian religion teach you about other religions?

Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship. That being said. The Bible does not teach on other "religions" because the other "religions" are false and meant to divert man from the one true GOD.

What is the importance or value of knowing world religions?

I am not positive but I think it is to teach you to have respect for other religions

If all religions teach that people are equal why don't people all follow the same religion?

Because teaching that people are equal is quite different from teaching that religions are equal.(And some religions actually do not teach either of these things!)

What religions teach that services should be held on Saturday?

Seventh Day Adventist and Jewish faiths teach this.

What are the best ways for teaching your children to be a humble and good Muslim?

to show them the wolrd in the right way and to teach them to respect all other religions and races.

Is heaven and earth the same?

There may be some religions that teach this, but for most the answer is no.

What people tried to follow Buddhas teachings exactly?

teach other religions brought Buddhism and teach them brought there beliefs.

What actors and actresses appeared in Writing to Deads - 2006?

The cast of Writing to Deads - 2006 includes: Julia Iglesias Jorge Sieiro

How are teaching of religions similar?

because every religions teach humanity & truthfulness.to love god,animal,poor people etc.

What is common to all religions?

A:Common to all religions is belief in the supernatural. Animists believe in spirits who inhabit features in the natural environment. Most other religions teach belief in one or more gods, but may also teach belief in spirits not unlike the spirits of animism.

Do all religion that believe in a god uses the Scare Tactics?

No. Some religions teach peace and teach that there are no bad consequences because God loves everyone and would not send any person to Hell or or otherwise punish people, however, most religions that teach from the Bible do teach some sort of punishment for sin.

What is a good history website about religions?

the bbc religion website is good it tells you good information about all the religions

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