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The religious tradition that the Axumites passed to the Ethiopians was Christianity. Christianity believes Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

Axum (also spelled Aksum) was a kingdom in northern Ethiopia. The religious tradition that the Axumites passed on to the Ethiopians was Christianity and the establishment of the Christian Church.

EveryMan's Rights This Swedish tradition allows you to pass over any grounds, fields or woods? Did you know:Everyman's Right is a tradition that means there are no laws of trespass in Sweden.

The old African tribes used oral tradition to pass stories throughout generations.

Everyman's Right is a tradition that means there are no Laws of trespass in sweden.

he passed on religious freedom

No, it is against the law to hire or not hire people because of their religious beliefs.

You would have to use by a fact like, The old African tribes used oral tradition to pass stories throughout generations. See you always either have to follow or lead it with a fact. Or " The oral tradition was important "

Music was passed on by oral tradition, and word of mouth.

H Because, Maryland forbade religious persecution.

The town religious war. Was a law for many people that he obeyed.

If there was such a thing as an Oral Tradition, it was passed on by one person telling the story to another person. The second person would learn the story with its details and then pass that on to a third person.

So that catholics could have religious freedom.

You mean Crazy Horse. Anyways, it was his father's name, and in Lakota tradition, fathers pass their names down to their sons.

They didn't actually have literature. Native Americans have a strong oral tradition and passed down their myths and stories verbally.

mostly by sms, but more recently email has become popular

To take revenge on the people in Florence who hurt him To pass judgement on important religious leaders

The purpose of a society's oral tradition is to pass on cultural material, history, and traditions from one generation to the next without written instruction. This allows the society to maintain a historical record and sustain their cultures and identities. Oral tradition also allows the society to to teach important lessons about their culture, their land, and the ways in which members of the society are expected to interact with each other and their environment.

This website cannot pass judgment on the interpretation of a religion; everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs and religious interpretations. Whether they are right or wrong is not for us to say. You will have to decide that for yourself.

it's important because its a way to pass down tradition and when they used folk songs and tales almost everyone was illiterate

It is something that is passed down through the generations by listening and remembering and then repeating the the next generation and so on...You can pass down songs, stories ect.

The griots passes on their history. They were professional oral historians who also served as keepers of tradition and advisors to kings.

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