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Q: What reproduction do hamsters give?
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Do hamsters have to mate to be pregnant?

Yes, hamsters get pregnant through sexual reproduction.

Can female hamsters be pregnant without a male?

No. Hamsters, like all mammals, require sexual reproduction in order to get pregnant.

Can two girl hamsters give birth?

no, to girl hamsters can't give birth, just a boy and girl hamsters can give birth

What foods can you not give hamsters?

you can not give hamsters biscuts or it will get a tummy ache

Do hamsters give birth?

Yes hamsters give birth. They are mammals.

How can your hamster get pregnant without a mate?

No, hamsters are incapable of parthenogenic reproduction.

Can you give hamsters lettuce?

No you cant lettuce is toxic to hamsters!!!

In the reproduction on Howrse do you give them your horse?

no the reproduction is when you give birth to a foal.

Do male dwarf hamsters give birth?

Male hamsters, no matter what type, never give birth. It is biologically impossible.

Can hamsters give you rabies?

Hamsters can't get rabies they're too small.

Is the carrots good for the hamsters?

Yes carrots are a good vegetable to give hamsters.

What kind of yogurt do hamsters like?

You can give them yogurt chips for hamsters, and you can give them rabbit yogurt chips,. (there the same basic thing....)

What human medicine can you give hamsters?

you can give them Tylenol

Can hamsters eat lettuce?

Hamsters can eat small slices of lettuce. Do not give iceberg.

Why do people give live hamsters to snakes?

because some snakes like hamsters

Do hairless hamsters usually have a bad odor?

All hamsters give a bad odor.

How old do baby hamsters have to be till you give them away?

it depends on the type of hamster you get. you should give baby hamsters away when they are two or three weeks depending n your type of hamster if it is a syran hamster you should give the babys away at two weeks other hamsters you can give it another week

When do hamsters give birth?

they usually give birth at night.

How do you make the hamsters on hamsters 2 give birth?

Stick them in the same cage over night

Does hamsters eat food in a special way?

it realy matters how peaple give the hamsters food

Can hamsters give a sick?

yes and no

How often do hamsters give birth?

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Can you give hamsters syrup?

No it can get them sick

What foods can you give hamsters?


Do Hamsters have babies?

Yes, they are animals and have babies. DO NOT breed hamsters for fun. Breed when you become more experienced and responsible. You must also have people to give the hamsters to. You DO NOT want sixteen hamsters living in your house.