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In 1941-45 the personnel directly involved the Holocaust was generally about 60,000. One needs to add those involved in 'sniffing out' Jews and transporting them to camps. There were also various material resources.

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Q: What resources did Hitler give to the Holocaust that he could have given to his troops?
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What was the Apcolypse that Hitler built?

Adolf Hitler causes the holocaust, which could be considered an apcolypse.

How could you stop the holocaust in the future?

Remembering the one caused by Hitler

What happened to hilter after the Holocaust?

He commited suicide before the allies troops could get to him.

Did Hitler order the Holocaust?

Yes, you can say that as Hitler was the one who was ultimately responsible for the Holocaust. ______________ Though we know that the Holocaust could not have happened without Hitler's consent, we lack the actual evidence of either a written or verbal order ever being issued.

Did Hitler think the Holocaust was a good idea?

yes Hitler thought the holocaust was a good idea because then that way he could get rid of the whole race he was trying to get rid of in the first place but in a faster and easier way.

What did the Nonaggression pact that Hitler signed with Stalin allow Hitler to do?

He could use his troops on the western front and not worry about the eastern front (Russia).

Who what where when and why did Holocaust start at?

AnswerWho: Adolf HitlerWhat: The HolocaustWhere: GermanyWhen: 1939 - 1945Why: Adolf Hitler felt that every Jewish person did him wrong.How: He killed them, starved them, worked them to death, shot them, burned them, put them in gas chambers. What ever he could think of.

Why do people think that the Holocaust didnt exist?

With all the pictures and historic writings it's beyond my comprehension how someone could deny the holocaust. One reason could be that Hitler was radical Darwinian and some people could not accept the fact that the theory of evolution played an important part in the holocaust.

How could we prevent the holocaust in the future?

Kill Hitler in the past and then there wont be any concentration camps in the past of the future

What was Germany like during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was a horrible thing. I dont understand how Hitler could do something that mean; to say the least; to all of those jews. They were inosent people just like you and me. Most of all of Germany was "into" the Holocaust. They really didnt know what they were doing, just folling their leader, Hitler. Hitler was an EVIL man. just to let you know:] haha.

Why was the Holocaust a human mistake?

the holocaust was a human mistake for many reasons. Adolf Hitler could not have planned almost 10 years of suffering. I still tink it was wrong but still i honestly do not support the idea that the holocaust was planned.

What did hitler do to the jews during World War 2?

Nothing nice. Generally, Hitler killed all the Jews he could. This is called the Holocaust, and have you really never heard of it? The Holocaust began about when the Nazis got complete power and lasted to the very end of WWII.

Why did Hitler not send his army to destroy the British army at Dunkirk?

Hitler was worried that the tanks where going to fast for the troops and stoped so they could cach up

How could the nazi party be responsible for the holocaust?

Because hitler hated the Jews so he put the Jews in concentration camps.

What are some similarities between the darfus genocide and the Holocaust?

Well, because Darfus does drops bombs (like Hiroshima), it might seem like you could compare his destruction to that of the holocaust. Buit the truth of the matter is that Darfus would own Hitler. Because Hitler was a f**king tool.

Why did the usa not help the Holocaust?

The question seems to wonder why the United States did not partake in the Holocaust during WWII which is a rather absurd question. It seems that you're asking if the United States could have done more to prevent the horrors of the Holocaust. The pure and simple answer is that the United States made major contributions to ending the Holocaust including being a major participant in defeating Nazi Germany and actually liberating prisoners from prison camps. However, historians do debate if the United States could have done more. Typically, historians who argue that the United States did enough argue that any resources devoted by the US to stop the Holocaust ultimately diverts resources away from actually defeating Hitler. Historians who argue that the United States could have done more typically argue that the United States knew about the Holocaust and could have done something to slow the Germans down. The one problem with this is that the best method of stopping the Holocaust is to get the victims out of German custody and that is impractical without physically invading the continent.

Why does Hitler betray Stalin?

Hitler betrayed Stalin because he felt that if Germany could control russia then they could give it to Germans and use the raw untapped resources to fuel germanys world domination

How could Hitler make the Holocaust happen by himself?

He Took power at a weak time in German history after WW1 and blamed the bad times on Jews and Gays and made the people think that they were better and that the Jews were "imperfections" _____ The key point is that Hitler did not "make the Holocaust happen by himself": he had lots of helpers.

Why did they let the Holocaust happen?

Hitler was probably using propaganda to make the people believe that this is what the country needed. The Nazis were formed and they would make people believe. Nobody "let" the holocaust happen. Many countries were involved in fighting Germany to stop the holocaust. The Jews of course tried to stop it, but the Nazis could kill them off easily._________Hitler DID use propaganda.

What were the other causes of death during the Holocaust other than those imposed by Hitler?

Ohter that being imposed by A. Hitler, you could of died from starvation and thirst or suffering from disease or another illness. Eden, 11.

What could the US and other country's have done before the war to stop the holocaust?

Nothing. No one knew that it was coming, not even the Germans, or Hitler himself.

What serious mistakes of Hitler made Germany's defeat in inevitable?

Hitler halted his troops so that supplies could be sent to the Germans soliders on the Russian front Hitler started fighting on two fronts one with Russia and other with Africa.

Would it be possible to clone Hitler?

It's unlikely that we could - most of his DNA is gone or is too old to be used. And why would someone clone Hitler, even if the resources were available?

How did the Holocaust affect Germany as a country?

the holocaust effected germany as a counrty because jews were no longer treated withh respect with nazis everywhere someimes they would beat them for nothing proving that hitler could erupt this kind of situation

How did Hitler prevent German citizens from realizing the magnitude of the Holocaust?

Hitler was smart when it came to keeping the holocaust a well kept secret. He did this by eliminating the people that knew about it and were telling the German people about it. Also most of the concentration camps were organized and placed outside of small cities in Germany where not many people would see them. When the allies came across these camps they had no clue what they were and immediately called back to there commanders and that is how the news of the holocaust came out. Also Hitler was an outstanding public speaker and could really say anything and have the public believe him.