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Q: What responsibility did the British government have toward Indias transition to independence after ruling for over 200 years?
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How did sierra Leone gain its independence?

In 1961 Sierra Leone won its independence after 150 years of British rule. The transition was initially very peaceful.

Who declared independence patriots or Britain?

It was the patriots who declared independence. They were claiming independence from the British Empire to form their own system of government.

Who is the head of the government in British India?

Britain gave India its independence in 1948, so there is now no British India.

British government decision to give India its independence?

the british didnt have an choice other than to grant indias wish for freedom.

What did the US use as a basis for government before the declaration of independence?

Before the Declaration of Independence, the Colonies were subjects of the British Crown, a constitutional monarchy.

What is the main idea of the conclusion of the declare of Independence?

The colonists state that they will no longer obey the British government.

What name did the British Government give to India's 'First War of Independence in 1857'?

sepoy mutiny

What treaty did the british government formally recognized the thirteen colonies as free and independent?

The treaty of Independence

Why did Indian's independence movement grow stronger after world war 1?

They grew stronger because the British government promised them self-government.

Why the colonists declared independence.?

It was wrong.the British government ruled everyone and everything and the colonists didn't like it.

Why did the British Government create independence nation of Transjordan in 1921?

It hoped to keep nomadic tribes out of Syria.

Who wrote the declaration of the independence for US?

for the British government so they could be independent colonies