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Grass, class, trespass, harass, crass, ass,* pass, bass, mass, sass, Trass, Flass (proper name), morass, cravas, ** *ASS is also an burro-like animal in the Middle East and in locations where people without serious inabilities to use words without more than one meaning live. **link

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Q: What rhymes with brass?
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Why rhymes with class?


What rhymes with rashons?

rations rhymes with fashions, passions, brass 'uns

What rhymes with hot and pass?

lot and brass

What rhymes with brass knuckles?

Glass Buckles

What rhymes with gas pedal?

real metal brass medal

What is a sentence with the word brass?

I play a brass instrument. Be sure to polish the brass doorknobs. The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

A large groupof something that rhymes with lass?

brass, glass, bass,

What rhymes with gas?


What rhymes with mass?


What rhymes with fresh moisture on grass?

...And dewdrops on glass ...Shining gold brass

What rhymes with crass?

Some words that rhyme with 'crass' include: Grass, Brass, Glass, Sass, and Bass

What rhymes with kass?

ass, bass, brass, Cass, class, crass, gas, grass, mass, pass, sass

What rhymes with harass?

lass, brass, mass, pass, sass, alas, glass, grass, class, surpass, gas

What rhymes with grass?

Rhymes with Grass:AlasAssBassBrassCrassClassgasGlassGrassLassMassPassSassTassAlasAssBassBrassCrassClassGlassGrassLassMassPassSassTassglass, brass, mass, lass, pass, ass, sass, gas, has, jazz, pizazz, cass (as in Cassandra), bass, was.did that help?glass

What rhymes with clubing?

(brass) rubbing dubbing (get a) drubbing (go) clubbing (go) pubbing (money-) grubbing scrubbing slubbing snubbing stubbing subbing tubbing

Is a the comet instrument a brass or woodwind?


Is a sousaphone high or low brass?

There is no such thing as "high brass". Only brass and low brass, and sousaphone/tuba is classified as low brass.

Why are brass instruments called brass?

because they are made of brass

How Much Can You get selling brass at the junkyard?

Brass is sold by the pound as of Friday the 5th the price of Brass was $2 for Red brass and $2.15 for yellow brass.

What is a brass capt?

a brass capt. is in charge of the brass section of a band.

How can I know if a metal is brass or not?

Brass is not magnetic, brass is a yellow color

What is the brass family made of?

the brass family is made out of wood :) no... they are made out of brass thats why its called the BRASS family

What makes a brass a brass?

Brass is made from zinc and copper. Brass is a common metal that is useful for many things.

What is in brass?

Brass is in Brass :P Brass is an alloy, so its made out of different metals mixed togther. Most brass is 63% copper and 37% Zinc.

What does brass make?

Brass makes Brass instruments for example, the Tuba, trumpet, euphonium,and trombone are ALL made of brass