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What rhymes with cans?

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What rhymes with plans?

Cans, trans, Fan's, Can's

What rhymes with vans?

fans banscanspanstansclans

What rhymes with soda cans?

Decota Ran and Solar Man both rhyme with Soda Can.

What rhymes with kans?

bans cans fans man's nans pans LANs tans vans

What rhymes with tans?

* bans * cans * fans * hands * lands * mans * pans * sans * scans * spans * vans

What rhymes with transit?

Are you pronouncing it as tran-sit or tran-zit? English UK bans/cans it can sit or USA? chance it lancet

How many cans can a cannery can if a cannery can can cans?

can cans

How many cans can a canner can if a canner can can cans?

A canner can an as many cans as a canner can if the canner can can cans.

What rhymes with bands?


What is the british word for cans?

food cans = tins garbage cans = bins

How can you separate aluminium cans and steel cans?

Steel cans are separated with an electromagnet.

If you have 24 juice cans show all of the ways you can arrange these cans into arrays?

There are eight possible combinations... 1 row of 24 cans 2 rows of 12 cans 3 rows 8 cans 4 rows of 6 cans 6 rows of 4 cans 8 rows of 3 cans 12 rows of 2 cans 24 rows of 1 can

How can an electromagnet separate steel cans from aluminium cans for recycling?

As the mixed cans are passed beneath an electromagnet, the steels cans will be attracted and lifted up, leaving the aluminium cans behind.

What is the difference between aluminum cans and tin cans?

Aluminium cans are more cheaper.

What is a can made of?

Normally cans(soup cans, soda cans, etc.) are made of aluminum.

Can you recycle cans?

yes you can recycle cans, plastic bottles, and some food cans

How do you separate aluminum cans from iron cans?

Using a magnet you can hover it over the cans.

You have 24 juice cans. show all the ways you can arrange these cans into arrays..?

You can show 24 cans in one row, 12 cans in 2 rows, 8 cans in 3 rows, and 6 cans in 4 rows.

What is in the Success Comes in Cans cans?


How do you separate aluminium cans and steel cans for recyling?

Industrially it's quite simple - steel cans are magnetic while aluminum cans aren't.

Do aluminum cans and iron cans are solution or mixture?

are aluminum cans and iron cans a mixture or a solution

What are Water Cans in Technology?

water cans in technology are cans which are used in the technological field.These are cans.Technology is very import in the operation of activities which reqiure the use of cans.

A pyramid of aluminum cans is built against a wall so that there're two cans in the top row four cans in the second row How many rows before the pyramid contains 1190 cans?

A pyramid of aluminum cans built against a wall with two cans on the top row and four cans in the second row would reach 1190 cans in 12 rows.

How many cans of coca-cola pop cans are produced per minute?

6400000 cans

Are cans recycled?

Yes cans are recycled.You can make a bowling game out of cans.Turn cans into a bowling pin.

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