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1861 Springfield 58 caliber Rifle Musket 1858 Endfield 3 Band .577 caliber Rifle Musket Sharp's Carbine 50 caliber Sharp's rifle 50 caliber Burnside carbine 52 caliber Spencer repeating carbine 52 caliber Henry Repeating rifle 44-40 rimfire Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle 58 caliber Harper's Ferry 1840 conversion smoothbore 69 caliber (Buck and Ball) This list represents only the more popular rifles. Other firearms such as shotguns (which do not have rifled barrels) and handguns (revovlers) are not listed.

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Q: What rifles were used in the civil war?
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Did england produce the rifles in the civil war?

English rifles were used in the Civil War. As a neutral country, England and its businesses could sell to America for money.

How did the Confederate soldiers reload their rifles in the Civil War?

Almost all Civil War rifles were muzzle loaders.

When were rifles invented?

Rifles were invented in the 15th Century, during the Civil War Period. If you are asking about when lands and grooves were used in barrels, the answer would be a few hundred years before the Civil War.

What were weapons used during the civil war?

They used small arms, and rifles, basically guns.

What weapons were used in the civil war for both sides?

rifles, sowrd, arrowes, knifes

Did repepating rifles change the Civil War?


What weapon was introduced during the civil war?

A number of weapons were introduced during the Civil War. Rifled artillery, invented during the 1840s, was developed to the point of being useful and first deployed to effect in the Civil War. Most, but not all, of these were muzzle loaded. Breachloading rifles with brass cartridges were first used for warfare in the Civil War. Repeating Rifles were also first introduced in the Civil War. The Civil War was the first conflict in which revolvers loaded with brass cartridges were used.

What kind of weapons were used in the Boshin War?

Mainly muzzle-loading rifles, very similar weapons to US Civil War.

What did the Confederates use during the Civil War?

They used their modern sniper rifles and high-powered machine guns.

Did the Confederacy use Hawken rifles?

Yes, in the early years of the US Civil war the South used hunting rifles such as the Hawken and Kentcuky rifles and shotguns due too the shortage of military rifles, they remained in service until 1863.

What was the general range of US Civil War rifles fired by infantry troops?

During the US Civil War are large variety of rifles were used by the infantry of both opposing armies. Using an average, based on reports from a good number of battles, accuracy by infantry troops with their rifles usually began at 150 yards or less.

What are Civil War rifles made of?

Soft steel barrels and wood stocks. Hardened steel barrels came with smokeless gunpowders in the 20th century. Civil War guns used black gunpowder.