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they could own houses

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The social structure of ancient Greece was basically split between free men and slaves. The slaves had absolutely no rights, and neither did women or children.

they wear cloths in ancient greece

Cleisthenes grant full rights to all free men of Athens.

Ancient Greece women were not allowed to vote b/c women didn't have many rights. Only men were allowed to vote once they were at the age of 14.

It varied from city-state to city-state, but on the whole, women had very few rights in Ancient Greece.

Greece Many of countries in Greece womens didn't had many rights however this is forbids of Greece, Athens and Sparta

Women in Ancient Greek were considered inferior to men and did not have the same rights. For that reason they were not allowed to participate in the Olympic games.

men in ancient Egypt almost the same rights as women in ancient Egypt.

Men in ancient Greece were treated much better then women.Men were given rights to own land,speak for themselves in court,and most importantly were able to participate in government,voting.Women though, did anything their husband told them to.

Elected officials have responsibilities to their electors, not rights.

they dressed in clothes.

There jobs were to be the best artisan they can be?

Men were allowed to vote

Boys in Greece had to go to school and carry on traditions led by their ancestors. Men had to to the dirty work in Greece, but women almost worked as hard as the men did!

An ancient Greek citizen is a person who lived, worked, and voted in ancient Greece. White males were citizens. Women and minorities had no rights in Greece.

Ancient Greece had several jobs for men. The men could be fishermen, teachers, craftsman, etc. The women did not work outside the home and stayed home with the children.

it because e a person who had the rights to participate in government

no,that was in ANCIENT Greece

in ancient Greece Theatre plays were very important. when they would perform the men would wear masks that would help show what mood they were in. such as a mad face if they were angry, etc..

In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

Men had to be fit and often had to go to war.

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