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The co-buyer of a vehicle has equal rights to the vehicle if there name is on the title. The co-buyers rights can be defined by a written or verbal contract.

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Q: What rights does a co buyer have to a vehicle?
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Buyer want all rights to vehicle from co buyer?

The only way to get all rights back from the co-borrower is to have the loan refinanced. The co-borrower will have to agree to remove their name from the car.

I am the buyer but co buyer has car and hasn't make the payment what are my rights?

i am the buyer made payments but the co buyer has the car and has not made any payments what are may rights Very generally speaking, cobuyers (cosigners) have the same rights to the vehicle as the primary buyer, however, you may or may not have the right to take possession of the vehicle without permission of the buyer. Some states have specific laws about taking possession of a vehicle under those circumstances.

If co-buyer has possession of a vehicle and has all financial resposibilities who is entitled to the vehicle buyer or co-buyer?

both buyer and co buyer --- Typically, in disputes like this, possession is factored into the legal decision. It is likely whoever has possession at the time of court findings will prevail.

How can a co-buyer take possession of a truck when the primary borrower is not making the payments?

When someone co-signs, they are basically just agreeing to making the payments when the signer can not. * Any legal rights that a cosigner or a co-buyer(borrower) have depend upon whether or not their name is on the title to the vehicle.

What rights do the co buyer have if the primary buyer pays the car off but the co buyer has made all payments before that?


Can the co-buyer of a vehicle registered it?


Does a co buyer have rights to the auto loan payments?

The lender has the right to receive all the payments. A co-buyer has no rights TO the payments.The co-buyer is equally responsible for making the payments.The lender has the right to receive all the payments. A co-buyer has no rights TO the payments.The co-buyer is equally responsible for making the payments.The lender has the right to receive all the payments. A co-buyer has no rights TO the payments.The co-buyer is equally responsible for making the payments.The lender has the right to receive all the payments. A co-buyer has no rights TO the payments.The co-buyer is equally responsible for making the payments.

If the buyer hasent made any payments over a car and the co buyer has. What are the co buyers rights?

The co-buyer can sue the buyer in court and provide proof of payments and be repaid the amount put in.

In California State what are the legal rights of ownership for a vehicle between a primary buyer and a co buyer when the primary buyer becomes delinquent on a payment?

Unknown what is meant by the term "co-buyer." Are you referring to a "co-signer" of the loan? In such a transaction the only entity that actually OWNS the car is the lender. The borrower is allowed to POSSESS the car only so long as the financial obligation to the lender is met and current. If the buyer stops paying, the lender will turn to the co-signer for the money, but just because the principal buyer stops paying doesn't automatically mean that the possession of the vehicle passes to the co-signer. Whatever interest the co-signer has in the car is a matter of agreement between him and the buyer of the car. The co-signer does not necessarily have any legal rights to the car at all. The lender doesn't care who actually HAS the car in their possession just so long as they are paid the money that is due them.

Can the buyer do a vol repossession without the co-buyers permission?

A buyer can do a voluntary possession without the permission of the co-buyers if that buyer is the sole owner of the vehicle. If the co-buyers are also co-owners, they would have to give consent first.

What is co buyer?

An individual who purchases a vehicle jointly with a Buyer, and is jointly liable for repayment of the loan.

Are you liable to another PARTY if your daughter gets into a car wreck if you co signed on her car loan and she in uninsured?

If you are truly a Co-Signor then you would not be liable for the accident although you would still be liable to the finance company for unpaid balance of the financed vehicle. If you are in fact a Co-Buyer, then yes, as one of the vehicle owners your are jointly and severally liable financially for any accident incurred in the vehicle. Unfortunately their are many unscrupulous car dealers these days that do not explain the difference to the customer between a Co-Signor and a Co-Buyer. If your name appears on the title or the vehicle registration to the vehicle then you are not a Co-Signor, you are a Co-Buyer aka a Co-Owner.

How many names can be on a vehicle title?

Two. The primary and the co buyer.

Is the co-signer and co-buyer the same thing on a bank application?

Co-buyer = Name is on the title and has rights to the property. The lender will PROBABLY insist that this person also sign the loan as a co-signer or joint borrower. Co-signer = Name is on the loan and is obligated to make the payments if the primary borrower does not. This gives you NO rights to the property.

Can the co borrowers wife take vehicle from buyers if co buyer is incarcerated?

No. Not unless her name is also on the title. The persons named on the title have equal ownership of the vehicle.

Who has rights to the title buyer or co-buyer?

It depends on whose name or names are on the title. A co-signer of a loan isn't necessarily an owner. Their name must be on the title to the property also. The person or persons who are listed on the title have ownership rights in the property.

Does the co-buyer name appear on car title?

Yes the co-buyers name does appear on the title, but not on the vehicle registration.

Can the co buyer take over the car if the buyer hasent made any payments?

yes because you have rights to the car also

Is it legal for a co-signer to reposses the vehicle that is financed through a bank?

I don't think so. The co-signer is not the registered owner and has no claim to the vehicle. Only the bank or the loan company (which lends the buyer the money and holds the vehicle title until it's paid for) can repossess. The co-signer just guarantees the loan. If the buyer defaults, the bank will come after him to make payments.

Is a co-buyer responsible for paying off a loan if the buyer has no job and the vehicle was repossessed?

Yes, he or she would be equally responsible for the repayment of the loan balance.

Can a co-signer take the vehicle away from the primary buyer even if they have not missed a payment?

Of course not. The car belongs to the person listed on the title and to the lender who holds lien rights, and not to you. You own nothing here. The only interest you have in this vehicle is that you have guaranteed to pay the loan if the primary owner does not. They are making payments, so what is your problem? You have no rights to the vehicle at all. If you were to take the vehicle without the consent of the owner, you can be charged with theft of a vehicle. As long as the payments are being made on time you have no need to do anything.

Can a car be repossessed if a primary buyer files bankruptcy and the co-buyer has possession of the car but falls behind on payments and the court rules that the vehicle belongs to the lendor?


What rights does a secondary or co-buyer have should you decide to sell your truck?

If both names are on the title of the vehicle, both parties must agree on any transfer of the vehicle. In other words, you can't sell or trade the vehicle without both owners signing off on it. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

If a co-buyer is on the contract and is making the payments does the co-buyer receive the credit points or does the buyer?

Both the co-buyer and the buyer get the credit and the blame if the loan is not paid. Co-signing on the loan is the same as getting the loan.

Does being a co-buyer entitle you to any rights?

You have full and equal right of ownership on the property purchased.