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Q: What rock comes out of mt tambora?
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What kind of volcano is Mt. Tambora?

Mt. Tambora is a composite volcano.

Is mt tambora glaciated?

No, Mt Tambora is not glaciated. Mount Tambora is not very tall and is in a very warm climate zone.

What type of fault is Mt Tambora?

Mt Tambora is on a Tectonic fault line called the Jave Trench System. Mt Tambora is an active stratovolcano. It is located in Indonesia.

What is Mt Tambora's current life stage?

What is Mt. Tambora's current life stage.

Is Mt Tambora a dormant volcano?

Mt. tambora is a active volcano some people think its dormant but actually it is active

Is mt tambora a hot spot?

No. Mount Tambora formed along a subduction zone.

What are the number of casualties from mt tambora?

What is mount tambora? 45 to be exact.

When did mt Tambora last erupt?

the year 2011 :^{ D Fun fact: in 1815 mt Tambora left 71,000 dead!

What type of volcanic rock fragments or lava comes out of Mt Fuji?

The lava that comes out of Mt. Fuji is silica-poor. I am actually looking for the type of rock fragments comes out also.

Where is Mt. Tambora located?


How long ago was Mt Tambora made?

Mount Tambora was said to be made about 57,000 years ago.

Tambora 1815 eruption expected?

no mt Tambora was not expected

What type of plate boundary created mt tambora?

Mount Tambora is associated with a convergent plate boundary.

Where is Mt Tambora located?

Sumbawa, Indonesia.

How many eruptions were there in Mt Tambora?


What country is mt tambora in?


How often has Mt. Tambora erupted?


What is the city nearest to Mt tambora?


Did mt tambora erupt in 1967?


Size of Mt Tambora?

about 185 kilometers

How tall is mt tambora?

mt. tambora was over 13,000 feet tall before the eruption. after the eruption a crater was formed which is about 4 miles in diameter and 3640 ft deep.

What was inside of mt tambora before it erupted?


How many people live near the Tambora volcano?

approximately 3,000 people live near or in the region of mt Tambora

What is the structure of Mt Tambora?

It erupted because its an active volcano

When did the Mt Tambora in Sumbawa Indonesia erupted?

it erupted in the year 1815