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- In 2005 rapper Foxy Brown announced that she had suffered complete hearing loss and was undergoing surgery to correct it


George Martin, he hasn`t lost it completely but has lost some of his hearing, I know he´s not a rock star, however he is the producer for all but one of The Beatles albums, and helped achieve their sound, and I consider he deserves to be mentioned.

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Beethoven was how old when he lost his hearing?

Beethoven was 26 when he lost his hearing.

How old was thomas Edison when he lost his hearing?

Around the age of twelve, Edison lost almost all his hearing.

How old was she when she lost her hearing?

Helen Keller lost her hearing when she was really little maybe 19 months old. Helen Keller lost her hearing when she was really little maybe 19 months old.

How do you say rock stars in french?

les stars du rock

How did Ashley Tisdale lose her hearing?

she never lost her hearing it would be on magzines it she did

Does homeowners insurance cover hearing aids if they are lost?

you would need "all risk" coverage for the hearing aids to be covered in the event they are lost

By the age of 60 what have most people lost half of?

Unfortunately, most people by the time they hit 60, have lost half of their hearing. The ones that suffer hearing loss can now get hearing aids.

When was Lost in the Stars - film - created?

Lost in the Stars - film - was created in 1974.

What is the prevalence of hearing loss in rock musicians over the age of 65 if 50 out of 200 rock musicians suffered hearing loss?


When did Helen Keller loose her sight and hearing?

she lost her vision and hearing when she was 19 montes old

Are the Jonas brother pop star or rock stars?

Pop/Rock or Teen Pop stars!

What is the difference between a rock star and a pop star?

Rock stars sing rock and roll.Pop stars sing pop music.

Who is the best on WWE all-stars?

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What did Beethoven lose when he got older?

He lost his hearing.

What Rock Stars were born in January 1933?

Some rock stars were born in 1933. Among the older rock stars include John Mayall, Yoko Ono, and Wayne Shorter.

What is the duration of Rock Stars documentary series?

The duration of Rock Stars - documentary series - is 2700.0 seconds.

What are the ratings and certificates for Lost in the Stars - 1974?

Lost in the Stars - 1974 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG USA:G

What are the release dates for Rock Stars - 2011?

Rock Stars - 2011 was released on: USA: November 2011

When was Kill Rock Stars - album - created?

Kill Rock Stars - album - was created in 1991.

What is the black rock in the TV show LOST?

The black rock in the TV show LOST is an old ship, that is called black rock.

Does hearing amplified rock music change your hearing level?

over a prolonged period of time it harms the ear and makes the person hard of hearing.

What was thomas edison's disabilities?

At the age of 12 he lost his hearing.

Can you get gold stars in rock band 2?

Yes, you can get gold stars in Rock Band 2. You need to be playing on expert to get them.

Are there any rock stars that are Spanish?


How did Juliette Gordon Low lose her hearing?

Juliette lost her hearing on two different occasions. She lost hearing in the first ear after convincing her doctor to try a new medicine, and developing a prolonged illness. She lost the hearing in the second ear because, during her wedding, a piece of good luck rice became lodged in her ear drum. When the doctor tried to remove the rice he punctured her ear drum.