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Pangaea is the most recent of a series of super-continents that have formed and broken up. The previous one was Pannotia which lasted from about 600 to 540 million years ago. This represents much of the period over which modern life forms evolved. There are suspected to have been another two earlier super continents.

But the archaic bacteria and the following algae date from much earlier. These may date to about 3500 million years, and the algae invented photosynthesis, which oxygenated the Earth. This caused a "Snowball Earth" due to the removal of most of the greenhouse gases, and this freeze may have lasted until the pre Cambrian.

Reverting to the question, the most recent continental breakup of Pangaea led to some of modern speciation, quite notably that of Australia. Though the flora of Gondwana is worth an inspection for the beech forests.

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Q: What role did Pangaea play in evolution?
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