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a part of an ordanary familyh

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Q: What role did bankers from florence play in the explorations of Columbus and Vespucci?
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What did Amerigo Vespucci's parents do for living?

Amerigo and his parent's were local bankers.

Who paid for Amerigo Vespucci's voyages?

He sailed under sponsorship of both Portugal and Spain but King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain were his major sponsors. He began working for local bankers and trade companies in Italy and was sent to Spain in 1492 to look after his employer's business. While in Spain, he began working on ships and ultimately went on his first expedition as a navigator in 1499. Therefore, he was in Spain when he left for his first expedition, which meant that Spain payed for Amerigo Vespucci's voyage to South America.

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What did Amerigo Vespucci's parents do for living?

Amerigo and his parent's were local bankers.

Why were the bankers in florence so powerful?

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Leading patron of Florence?

The Medici banking family was the leading patron of Renaissance Florence.

Where is the birthplace of renaissance?

The Rebaiaance originally began in Florence, Italy. Merchants and bankers (the Medici family) took control of papal banking; thus, began to dominate European banking on both sides of the Alps. These profit contributes to the city's economy vitality.

What industries helped florence become the center of renaissance?

It was more "who" and not what. In this time in Italy the cities were city states and controlled by powerful families. One of the most powerful families was the Medici of Florence. They had family members as popes, financiers, bankers, traders, and had their own army. They were the patrons of the arts and the church. They were a dynasty. They basically built Florence and when you go there today they are the statues in the squares and the palaces you visit.

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How did florence and the Medici family become so wealthy?

Florence became wealthy because of trade and banking, during the crusades many ships would bring soldiers to fight and often they transported and traded. Also, since bankers handled the Church's transactions, they gained a large portion of those transactions, the Medici family originated as bankers and traders and became wealthy from it.

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