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Q: Why were the bankers in florence so powerful?
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What industries helped florence become the center of renaissance?

It was more "who" and not what. In this time in Italy the cities were city states and controlled by powerful families. One of the most powerful families was the Medici of Florence. They had family members as popes, financiers, bankers, traders, and had their own army. They were the patrons of the arts and the church. They were a dynasty. They basically built Florence and when you go there today they are the statues in the squares and the palaces you visit.

The political strength of the medici family in florence was intially based on?

The Medici were the richest most powerful merchants and bankers. Plus, they had a pope in the family which gave a lot of power and they had one of the most powerful paid armies in the area.

Leading patron of Florence?

The Medici banking family was the leading patron of Renaissance Florence.

What was at the center of the rising states in Western Europe?

powerful commercial bankers

How do you think lorenzo de medici and his family could rule florence being born to the position not elected to it?

The Renaissance was a time of kings and queens. There were no elected officials to any office and that won't happen for another 400 years. The Medici were very powerful and were like kings in Florence. They were bankers, sponsored art and architecture, and had a pope who was a family member.

How did florence and the Medici family become so wealthy?

Florence became wealthy because of trade and banking, during the crusades many ships would bring soldiers to fight and often they transported and traded. Also, since bankers handled the Church's transactions, they gained a large portion of those transactions, the Medici family originated as bankers and traders and became wealthy from it.

Where did Medici wealth come from?

Their wealth came from being bankers. They were the bankers to the Pope and pretty much all powerful rulers in Europe. They had banks throughout Europe.

How powerful was the florence military?

it was a very hairy group

Was Leonardo da Vinci's family powerful?

His father had some influence as a notary in Florence, but not powerful.

How was florence powerful?

Florence was powerful due to its strategic location, banking system, and control over trade routes during the Renaissance. It also had a strong economy, influential families like the Medici, and a flourishing cultural and artistic scene that contributed to its overall power and influence in the region.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jolly Bankers - 2010?

The cast of Jolly Bankers - 2010 includes: Ramzi Abdoch as Number 1 Cameron Goodman as Renee Susan Kirby as Florence Misha Sundukovskiy as Number 2 Spencer Treat Clark as Conrad

Florence was a powerful city-state during?

during the 13th century, renaissance